CBHMF Relocation Earns Cartus Platinum Award 2019

    CBHMF Relocation Earns Cartus Platinum Award 2019

    Feb 18, 2020

    "Its not about selling a house, and its not about buying a house. Its more than that. Our clients are new to the area and they have no idea where to find furniture, where to send their kids to school or even where to get their hair done. Its not about real estate, its about people being able to make Northwest Arkansas their home." Michelle Wallace, Relocation Director.

    Michelle perfectly summarizes the ethos of our relocation department in the above quote, a philosophy of servitude, passion and excellence. These are not three obscure words we have slapped onto our brand for aesthetic reasons. Passion is required to achieve excellence and, in the real estate world, a servant heart is what sets you apart. We strive to meet our clients needs, and then exceed them. This is why our Relocation Department is favored by the vendors and Fortune 500 companies in Northwest Arkansas to assist their recruits moving from other regions not just in finding a house, but acclimating to the new area they will be living in. It is also why we have recently been awarded Platinum Status by Cartus Broker Network, a top relocation management company nationwide with whom our relocation department has partnered with.

    "We had a client who was a veteran that we were able to sign up, through Cartus, for a cash back program." Michelle explained. "The agent even volunteered a piece of their commission to go towards helping the clients as they bought their home. As they began the process of moving their belongings to Northwest Arkansas, his wife received a very serious medical diagnosis and had to undergo surgery the day before closing. Our agent arranged for all of their belongings to be moved into storage for them, and arranged temporary housing for them while their house was finishing construction. I reached out to some of the connections I had in the moving industry and arranged for all their possessions to be moved for them from storage into their new home once it was finished."


    Stories like these and our heart behind them are what we'd like to believe won us platinum status. There are a numerous criteria that come into play as they are considering recipients. Among other metrics, efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are major relevant criteria. If you can't already tell from the testimonies above, it takes a whole village to achieve prestigious status from such an impressive company, something that only 10% of real estate brokerages within the Cartus Network receive.

    "I have a great team. They taught me how to do my best and how to help people in a variety of situations. Every day is a new day, and I think that's the most rewarding part of being on the Relocation Team."

    Said Mackie McNabb, Leads Coordinator.

    "Our goal is to assist our agents to the best of our ability and take the weight off of our clients shoulders during the relocation process. I've personally relocated multiple times and know the stress that comes along with it. With that being said I have a true passion for making Northwest Arkansas a place to call home."

    Said Tina Fitzgerald, Relocation Coordinator.

    This award is not just the result of good work, or even hard work. It is a reflection of what precedes those things: dedication, teamwork, integrity and consistency throughout these values. This is what has given us the reliable reputation that has recently been recognized by Cartus.


    If you are looking for assistance in relocating in or out of Northwest Arkansas, give our team a call. (479.721.0134) We'd be thrilled to help in anyway we can.