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    Mortgage Calculator, Loan Tools and Finance Decision Tools

    ZipRealty's mortgage calculator can help you calculate your estimated monthly mortgage payments

    Use ZipRealty's mortgage calculator, finance tools, and loan calculator to help you calculate your estimated monthly mortgage payments, calculate your estimated tax savings, to compare ARM loans and traditional loans, and much more. ZipRealty's mortgage and finance tools can help you answer many of your real estate related mortgage and finance questions.

    Finance Decision Calculators

    How much will adjustable rate payments be?
    Which is better: 15 year or 30 year term?
    Which is better: fixed or adjustable rate?
    Which lender has the better loan?
    Should I pay points to lower my rate?
    Which loan is better?

    Money Saver Calculators

    How much can I borrow?
    How much can I save in taxes?
    How much can I afford?
    How much will my closing costs be?
    How much will my payments be?
    Am I better off renting?
    How much should I put down?

    Money Saver Calculators

    Am I better off refinancing?
    How can I reduce mortgage insurance costs?
    What will my refinance costs be?
    How advantageous are extra payments?