Tricia Riberto

Branch Manager

219 W Hillgrove Ave, La Grange, IL 60525, United States
Tricia Riberto - La Grange, IL real estate agent

About Tricia

  • Tricia Riberto serves as the Managing Broker/Branch Manager at Coldwell Banker's office in La Grange, Illinois. Her office serves La Grange, La Grange Park, Western Springs, Brookfield, Countryside, Riverside, North Riverside, Westchester, Oak Park, River Forest, Indian Head Park, Burr Ridge, Willow Springs, and Hinsdale, among other Near West Suburbs.
  • Before Tricia took on her role in management Coldwell Banker, she worked as a sales agent in Chicago and ranked in the Top 2% of Coldwell Banker Realtors Nationally, and consistently ranked amongst the Top 5% of Realtors in Chicago. In what proved to be some of the most challenging years in the real estate industry (2008, 2009, 2010) Tricia grew her business by leaps and bounds. If you are a new agent, feeling lost in the business, or a seasoned agent that needs help with technology, marketing and systems, let Tricia show you the way to grow your business. She takes her knowledge, experience, and passion and provides agents with one-on-one coaching to help them grow their business, streamline their processes, leverage all of the marketing Coldwell Banker offers, and learn technology from the ground up. Tricia takes pride in getting in the trenches to help agents succeed and reach their goals.
  • If you are a buyer or seller looking for a great real estate agent in the area, please contact Tricia to be connected with the right real estate agent to fit your needs!
  • Tricia Riberto was born into a real estate family tradition that began with her grandfather on the South Side of Chicago in the early 1950’s. Tricia’s grandfather extended his passion to several of his own children and grandchildren to create a family full of top-producing Realtors. After graduating from Purdue University, Tricia immediately followed her family legacy and joined Coldwell Banker. By the age of 30, Tricia had managed her own Real Estate office with a team of 50+ Realtors and achieved the status of “Top Producer” by the Chicago Association of Realtors. In Tricia's spare time she is an advocate for Pets and Pals Charities and the Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation. The foundation contributes to 28 local housing related charities including the Ronald McDonald House, 1-800 Runaway, and Homes for Heros. Tricia resides in La Grange with her husband Russ and her daughter Catherine.
  • "In 2011, I agreed to let Tricia take the lead on my marketing and technology initiatives. I focus so much on my clients, market expertise and my current deals, that I don't always have time to think about what else I should be doing from a marketing/tech standpoint. I trusted Tricia to help take me to the next level. I can happily report that this past year my business has grown from $13,000,000 in closed sales to $16,000,000 as a result of the systems and initiatives we have put in place. I recommend Tricia to any seasoned agent looking to get to the next level." - Joe Thorne, #1 Coldwell Banker Agent, La Grange, IL.
  • "We feel very confident doing what we do, but everyone needs to be pushed once in awhile. Tricia challenges our thinking, holds us accountable to run our business like a business, and teaches us how to do business in this ever- changing technological world. Tricia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our business, but also a new way of thinking. We are more energized and enthusiastic about our business than we have been in years." -- Celine Heraty & Jean Christensen, Heraty-Christensen Group
  • "I couldn't be happier at Coldwell Banker. I know I made a great choice and great change. As a newer agent, I feel confident my business will continue to grow here as a result of the training, support, resources, and education. Tricia Riberto, my manager, Rose Mary Woodley, my mentor, and the entire support staff here, are an unbelievable team to work with. " -- Lindsey Pann Paulus


  • Tricia on Today's Market: “Good Market, Bad Market? I don’t think it’s either. Today’s market offers different opportunities for different people. Sellers may take a loss on their property or not net as much as they hoped, but 95% of the time they can make up that loss if they are buying something larger. Buyers need to get in the game. The affordability of housing is record-breaking right now between property values coming down and interest rates remaining at all time lows. It will not get cheaper to buy real estate in years to come. I’m seeing buyers making smarter decisions and sellers ready to price their properties aggressively to move on with their lives.”

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