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It's all about service! That is, understanding who's

About Glenn

  • I guarantee I will deliver the level of customer service that you expect from a professional Realtor®. It's funny! Many of my clients have remaked about "how picky" they are when buying a home. My response: You should be! A home is a major investment. It will easily consume the largest part of your take home pay. It may be a place and time, way down the road, that your and your friends/family will hopefully recall with great fondness. Please be picky!
  • Being a Realtor® is much much more than just having a license. Any Realtor® worth his/her weight will confirm this. Above all, I/we have to stay focused on your goals. It we don't do that, I consider it a failure.
  • When searching for a Realtor®, here's some things to consider. Experience, meaning how many years in the business. Is he/she knowledgable about the market? Do they specialize in any 1 part of town? Are they familiar with the various loan programs? Do they stay up on top of the market meaning extra accreditations, weekly sales meeting, etc. A good Realtor® does all of these plus more. I really suggest you hire a Realtor® who practices real estate as a vocation--not a hobby. A good Realtor® "should" have a horse in the race. It's a win-win for all.
  • Lastly, you and your Realtor® should have a connection, some call it a chemistry. Everyone should be marching to the same beat. If not, expect chaos! This "bond" starts with communication. Did you know the #1 beef the public has with Realtors® involves communication problems, such as not returning phone calls, always talking to an assistant who will "get back to you," not making you immediately aware of material developments, and lastly, not explaining contract complexities/processes so that you can understand them. The vast majority of my clients like to know the who/what/where/when/how, and why regarding the decision-making process. Clients want options. They demand them. My job is to interpret the contracts and present "hypotheticals" so that you're keenlly aware of what options you have and what the results could be if you choose this or that. This is especially true with numbers and dates.
  • I don't promise, when we meet, that you'll take an instant liking to me and yes, that is important. If you're Gen Y, you going to expect a certain approach ans a bit of Real Estate 101. If you're downsizing from that humongous 4/2.5, you want a Realtor® who understands "why" your scaling down and reallly "gets" what you're talking about. Communicaton is huge! Without it, simply put, things don't go well. It's like sipping a River Walk margarita without sale.
  • A bit about me. Retired Air Force Officer (1998), USAA: 1998-2004, Realtor®: 2004-present, all with Coldwell Banker, Education: Accounting SWTSU, MBA: Central Mo St., Married, 3 kids, all UT grads. Hobbies: lots of reading, pets, baseball and fastpitch umpire-from youth to college, basketball referee: middle school to college. Passions: (5) my wife (Cathy), Kids: Travis, Beth, and Stephanie, Texas Longhorn and anything Burnt Orange, Darla Sue-Beth's choclate lab who just makes my day everytime those ears perk up and those big 'ol pearly teeth show and lastly, really nice people (clients). They/you make real estate fun.
  • Dislikes: Attitudes, rudeness, bad table manners, and during the Fall, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and on the cusp, Texas Tech (the rest of the year they're ok).
  • Accreditations: ABR, CRS, GRI, E-Pro®. This means I've had specialized training in a lot of different subjects. Most importantly, I'm a Certitifed USAA MAP Realtor®. Also, I'm pretty darn on working with VA/Texas Vet loans.
  • After reading this, feel free to call me for a discussion about your real estate needs or maybe, just to interview me. P.S. I miss my secretaires from yesteryear.
  • www.MikeTaylor-Realtor.Com www.TexasLonghorns4Ever.Com

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  • Luxury Properties
  • Military Markets
  • New Homes
  • Relocation
  • First Time Buyers
  • College/University


  • If you've reached this point, you're obviously interested in learning more about me and what I can do for you
  • I've been a San Antonio resident since '66 with vast amounts of time spent between Randolph AFB (N.E. SA) to Lackland AFB(Far West SA). I grew up a "military brat" which eventually led to me joining the "Air Force where I served as an NCO for 6 years before getting my commission (AFROTC) at Southwest Texas State. After a multitude of assignments throughout the U.S. I eventually retired in SA and immediately began working at USAA doing mostly budget/financials within the HR department. After USAA, I signed on with what is undeniably the #1 real estate firm in San Antonio--- Coldwell Banker, D'Ann Harper Realtors.
  • Choosing a real estate firm to work for is happenstance for some -- methodical for others. I interviewed several other brokerages but none had the core values, culture, industry reputation, and above all, commitment to customer service that I was seeking. As Mrs. Harper said, "Some agents hear -- my agents listen!" Mrs. Harper's steadfast dedication to this very basic principle, plus her insistence that we are professionally trained and attuned to the latest updates in the real estate world serves as the cornerstone for her success. So, you may be wondering why should you contact me about buying or selling? To be honest, there's not enough space on this web page to enumerate all the things I can do for you. D’Ann Harper Realtors is the #1 brokerage in SA as a result of thousands of satisfied customers spreading the word, world-wide, about their fast, fair, and hassle free real estate experience. Her status as #1 is bolstered by the Relocation contracts we have with such corporat
  • So in a nutshell, I work for a company that places customer service and reputation before the bottom line! I encourage you to check out our competition but rest assured, they're going to have a real real tough time matching what we can and will do for you. By the way, I'm a dyed-in- the-wool Texas Longhorn fan and the gloating father of three kids, with my oldest two currently attending 40 acres (UT-Austin). Sorry Aggies!

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