DIY Tips to Make Your House Stand Out When Selling

    DIY Tips to Make Your House Stand Out When Selling

    Jul 07, 2020

    When it’s time to sell your home, you want to make sure you do everything you can to give your home an edge. Even in a seller's market, you'll still want to consider how your property stands out from the competition. You might be surprised by some of the very affordable home improvement projects that can really make your home shine and make that significant first impression with would-be buyers. Here are some ideas you might want to try before you put your home on the market.


    The Kitchen -


    You don’t have to spend thousands remodeling your kitchen to make the sale. Try some small upgrades like replacing cabinet fixtures, upgrading your faucets, or painting your cabinets a nice neutral color.


    Curb Appeal -


    Brighten up your porch with some seasonal plants. Use some annuals or perennials in spring, summer, and fall, and some evergreens in the winter. Cut the grass, trim your shrubs, and edge your walkways for a nice, tidy appearance. You can often find beautiful plants on sale at your local big box that are perfect to give your home a little splash of color.


    Paint -


    If the interior of your home is painted every color in the rainbow, you may want to consider repainting. A neutral color throughout creates a look of consistency and also makes the space feel bigger and more flowing. A fresh coat of paint makes your house pop and covers up old scratches and scuffs.


    Cleaning -


    This is more than just running your vacuum and dusting all your surfaces. If you have carpet in your home, rent a machine or hire a professional. Your carpet will look better and your entire house will smell better. Clean your fan blades, your blinds, your bathroom grout, and your stove. Remember, if you really don’t want to do this yourself, there are all kinds of cleaning services with reasonable rates.


    All things considered, you don’t have to break the bank to increase your chances of attracting that perfect buyer. With a few bucks, a little elbow grease, and some ingenuity, you can make your house a more attractive option when it comes to selling.