Hosting a Movie Night at Home

    Hosting a Movie Night at Home

    Nov 30, 2020

    There's something magical about going to the movies. Seeing your favorite stars up there on the big screen while sitting in a dark theater, a bucket of popcorn on your lap.

    While movies in the theater might not be happening as often, today's technology allows you to bring the magic of the movies to your home in many different ways. There's a myriad of smart tech options for your theater room, and you can even turn your smartphone into a projector with a simple hack!

    However you decide to show your favorite flicks, here are some tips for hosting an epic movie night at home with your friends and family.

    Girls Night

    Gather up a few of your best girl pals for the ultimate movie night, even if just on Zoom! Invite your friends to do some self-care pre-show for a evening of relaxation. Stream the latest rom-com or romantic period drama. Whip up some fun fruity cocktails and yummy snacks like caramel popcorn, brownie sundaes, or fruit with dip for a delicious treat. Sit back and enjoy the show while bonding with your best friends.

    Foreign Cinema

    Choose a foreign film and create a theme based on that movie’s nation of origin. Your family or roommates will enjoy sampling a variety of different foods representing the culture of the characters in the movie. To enhance the experience further, decorate your party with elements from the culture represented in the movie.

    Decade Night

    Select a film from a previous decade and have a blast from the past. Encourage your family to dress in period attire and have fun seeing all the great outfits. Snacks can also be themed according to the decade. For example, watching a film from the 60’s? Fondue and mod cocktails from vintage glasses would be perfect. If the 1920’s is your motif, host a Gatsby like affair with champagne and one bite appetizers. The possibilities are endless with this theme!

    Western Night

    There are so many classic films to choose from in this often overlooked genre. Decorate your home with western themed art for atmosphere. an sample authentic cowboy foods like cornbread, and chili. For dessert, serve old fashioned vanilla ice cream or fruit pie. Serve root beer or cream soda for an authentic drink choice. 

    These themes are a great way to turn an ordinary movie night into an unforgettable event. Decorations, decor, and food can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Get creative and host a movie night experience that all are guaranteed to enjoy!