Pacific Northwest Real Estate 2-12-2020

    Pacific Northwest Real Estate 2-12-2020

    Feb 12, 2020

    Hey Everyone!

    Sybil Kuhn here, I am going to keep this short and sweet!

    Because sitting isn't my favorite, searching for content isn't really necessary for a blog when I have always live in this gorgeous state!

    Yes! It's true. Washington state, the Evergreen State. I have an ENTIRE state to talk about and plenty of content!

    I am @your_hometown_realtor (IG)

    Never living anywhere else, I know and appreciate this gorgeous state more than most. The setting and opportunity (Real Estate speaking) this state offers is IMMENSE! But I said, short and sweet, so here it is.

    The PNW has more within this state than most; The Olympic Mountains, The Puget Sound, The San Juan Islands, The Canadian Border is Just to the North of Us. Yes, we are the very West (or wet) tip of the United States. Not to Mention our Pacific Ocean right at our feet! The vast diversity of outdoor opportunities here!

    And besides Seattle ( I am sure you have heard of) we have SO~~ much more that I am compelled to take you along on my adventures in this state (and on occasion, vacations elsewhere to give perspective)!

    Please check out my youtube channel.

    This is mainly where I go exploring and can you the most information in a short clip.

    I have been searching for content of other locals' insight on our State, and since there really isn't one, well, here is one now! I am providing what I have been looking for myself.


    Thanks for tagging along!

    Sybil Kuhn

    Managing Broker

    Coldwell Banker Voetberg Real Estate