Is Your Home Ready for the Market?

    Is Your Home Ready for the Market?

    Jul 03, 2021

    Tip #1  Depersonalize and declutter. Remove personal clutter and photos. Make your home as neutral as possible so buyers can envision themselves in your space.

    Tip #2   Freshen up your landscape and front door. A new coat of paint on your front door and a decorative flower pot can do wonders for curb appeal. A well manicured lawn and a pressure washed exterior will entice buyers to take a second look. 

    Tip #3   Make a few cosmetic updates. Worn carpeting, faded or peeling paint, dirty baseboards . These changes, though minor, can make a major impact on perspective buyers. New paint in a light, neutral color can really update any homes interior. Creating an accent or focal wall can really set your home apart from others.

    Tip #4   Make obvious repairs. Leaky faucets, inoperable light switches, loose door knobs. Walk through your home and imagine that you are a buyer. What do you notice most? Make repairs to the things that are essential. 

    Tip #5   Deep clean and stage your home. Pay special attention to you kitchen and bathrooms. Go beyond your typical weekly cleaning routine. Shampoo carpets, clean grout, wash baseboards. Deodorize your home of smoke and pet odors. Work with your realtor to stage your home with your own furniture.

    PRO TIP: Don't be afraid to spend a little money to fix a potential deal breaker like a leaky roof, broken window or old appliance.

    An example - if your inspector discovers that your air conditioner is on its last leg, consider replacing it with a more energy efficient HVAC system that could appeal to buyers and add value to your selling price.