Covid Cupcakes!!

    Covid Cupcakes!!

    Dec 02, 2020

    How many of ya'll of decided there is no need to fight the Covid weight gain?

    I am starting to fall into this category very "stealthy like." I thought I was being good and really making sure I was not going overboard, but now, I am fighting, not only Covid Cupcakes, but Holiday Treats as well!!!! This is not going to end well...

    I haven't written a blog in some time now, honestly...I am not sure why. I guess life gets in the way and I just forgot. Real Estate is amazing ... Still. I love what I do and I love where I live.

    I just started getting into the Vlogging too...It took me a total of 7,241 "takes" to get my first 57 second video!! Take a look...

    Want to take a look at my Covid Cupcake video... Once I got the hand of the video thing, it became like second nature...Kind Of! LOL

    Well, I just wanted to drop you all a line and say Hello!

    Enjoy your Holidays and stay away from those Covid Cupcakes!!! They are dangerous!