Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! September Issue!

    Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! September Issue!

    Sep 09, 2021

    There are 3 rules to the game:

    1) Every month one person picks the places to dine.

    2) No one in the group could have eaten there before.

    3) Everyone splits the bill.


    Follow me on this journey of tasting new things and learning more about the city I love! Feel free to use this game with your own family or friends and share below the amazing places you find throughout your travels!


    We started our evening on a dreary, cool evening to head Downtown to the Cultural District. This month was Rachael's pick and she did a great job. We started at Standard Market and Pint House on Penn Avenue, a wide open sports bar style place with pinball machines, a shuffleboard game and a pool room.

    We stopped for drinks, and played the Elvis pinball and a game of shuffleboard.

    Rachael beat me on both!!

    She ordered a Bourbon Brule ($14) and I had a Cheeky Peach ($12). At best, the drinks were mediocre, on the tepid side and not especially garnished. Great location and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating is available.

    We crossed Penn to Scarpino, the former Ten Penny location. They offer plenty of outdoor seating and several fire pits. Our service was impeccable, fresh plates and silverware between courses and the waiter was very knowledgeable of their offerings. We shared a sopressata pizza ($16) and goat cheese stuffed arancini ($12).

    Both were delicious. The pizza was on the thin side and the sporesata was robust. The arancini were very tiny, tasty and the red sauce was aromatic.

    As our entrees we shared the veal short rib pappardelle ($27) and pasquale parmigiana ($28). The imported pappardelle was served al dente and the short ribs were the most tender, a very generous portion. The parmigiana was nicely breaded and browned, plated with arugula and pasta with red sauce.

    We were both more than satisfied and brought home enough leftovers for both of our lunches the following day. It was a lovely evening and until next time, stay safe and happy eating!