Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! October Issue!

    Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! October Issue!

    Oct 12, 2021

    There are 3 rules to the game:

    1) Every month one person picks the places to dine.

    2) No one in the group could have eaten there before.

    3) Everyone splits the bill.


    Follow me on this journey of tasting new things and learning more about the city I love! Feel free to use this game with your own family or friends and share below the amazing places you find throughout your travels!


    Last evening was my choice of restaurant and I chose Pig and Fire, the former Palazzo location near the Meadows Casino. We were quite happy to dine on the veranda and were served by the sweetest, most efficient waitress. We kicked off the evening with drinks that were quite tasty.

    Mine was the special frozen slushee flavor featured, a frozen bourbon apple cider served in a handled Ball jar ($10) and Rachael had the pomegranate lemonade ($10.99).

    The Pig and Fire still serves the crepe lasagna bolognese with garlic bread from their Palazzo days, a treat that we could not pass up ($14.99). The swine platter is a large portion of pick 3 of 5 meats and 2 side dishes ($31.99). We selected 1/4 rack of baby back ribs, 1/4 pound of pulled pork and 1/4 pound of beef brisket accompanied by smoked Gouda Mac n' Cheese and apple cider slaw. They have a tray of accompanying barbeque sauces to choose from: Texas Traditional Barbeque, Savory Savannah Peach Barbeque and Carolina Hog Sauce.

    The meat was very smoky and tender. Our food was good but was served only lukewarm. The two sides were good and I especially liked the apple cider slaw. They were out of onion rings--bummer. While we polished off the lasagna, we had plenty of leftovers of the swine platter. We had planned to attend a concert so decided to stay there for dessert.

    I ordered the peach pie a la mode ($8.99) - underwhelming. It looked delicious but had little flavor. Rachael really enjoyed her Nutella mousse pie ($8.99), very creamy and chocolate. It was a nice experience, the veranda was full and it was great to be out amongst other PEOPLE!!

    Then off to the entertainment for the night! From there we went to the Thunderbird in Lawrenceville to see Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. A few years ago the Thunderbird closed for quite some time and restyled the entire music venue. Now it is a small, comfortable local music venue with two tiers and a couple of bars.

    The opening act was really good. From the main act, Delvon plays the Hammond B3 with a Leslie speaker. Not my particular cup of tea, but Rachael loves the Hammond B3. It was fun, they have great sound but for me it became a bit repetitive after a while. A fun evening out.

    Until next time, stay safe and happy eating!