Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! May Issue!

    Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! May Issue!

    May 10, 2021

    There are 3 rules to the game:

    1) Every month one person picks the places to dine.

    2) No one in the group could have eaten there before.

    3) Everyone splits the bill.


    Follow me on this journey of tasting new things and learning more about the city I love! Feel free to use this game with your own family or friends and share below the amazing places you find throughout your travels!


    This is a special dinner month, Rachael's pick, as we have strolled and dined around New Orleans over the past week. Yesterday we took our time venturing into different stores, bakeries, coffee shops and observing the people and sites along Magazine Street in the Garden District. We visited one of her favorites, Croissant d'Or as our start to the day, enjoying a croissant and Palmier.

    Then we kicked off the craziness to our day, indulging in frozen purple VooDoo drinks at Lafitte's, claiming to be the oldest bar in all of New Orleans.

    Then we headed to Magazine Street. We enjoyed the shops and stopped at the French Truck Coffee for a rest. They have an adorable traveling coffee truck that is seen throughout New Orleans.

    Having heard great things about Haydel's Bakery, it did not disappoint - especially the shoe sole. It's like a Palmier but even better (pictured below). We also bought a piece of the King Cake and lemon hand pie.

    It was Cinco de Mayo so we headed to the lively Velvet Cactus for margaritas, queso and chips with a little Latin music and sunny blue skies.

    For dinner we dined at Brigsten's and it was DELICIOUS!! It is a refurbished house with an enclosed sunroom, great efficient service and lovely presentation.

    Rachael started with a light drink, La Femme Fraise and had the seafood platter and said YUM with each bite. The Fraise consisted of vodka, Aperol, Louisiana strawberries, lemon, and rhubarb bitters. ($11)

    The platter was beautiful and included grilled striped bass with crawfish and jalapeno lime sauce, crawfish cornbread with jalapeno smoked corn butter, crawfish mac-n-cheese, baked oyster LeRuth with shrimp and crabmeat, sea scallop with cheddar cheese grits and a creole sauce, and a jalapeno shrimp coleslaw. ($36)

    I chose the panéed veal parmesan with marinara, mozzarella and a spaghetti bordelaise. It was a very generous portion and absolutely delicious. ($26)

    We couldn't give up yet so we ordered the pecan pie with caramel sauce and whipped cream. The waitress said it is internationally acclaimed and we could see why. The pie crust was fresh and flaky, the pecan pie sticky and good, surrounded with caramel and topped with fresh cream. ($9)

    Brigsten's will definitely be added to the list of favorite restaurants in New Orleans.

    We also wanted to share some of our other dining visits over the past week.

    From beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde...

    To Molly's frozen Irish coffee,

    drinks at the Carousel Lounge in the Hotel Monteleone,

    muffuletta from Central Grocery (one of my personal must haves), the home of the original Muffuletta,

    and brunch at the Ruby Slipper Cafe.

    We had the Ruby Slipper mimosa, egg cochon, and French toast bites. Yum!

    We had also tried Mosca's, an Italian restaurant with a James Beard Award. We were so excited and anxious to try it, but unfortunately we were not impressed.

    My brother recommended Gris Gris for brunch, a new experience for us. It was wonderful.

    As a starter we ordered the blueberry bourbon pain perdu, light and scrumptious. ($15)

    Rachael had shrimp and Gris Gris grits ($16) and I had chicken biscuits and gravy ($15). This was a real treat.

    I hope you enjoyed sharing our trip to NOLA. As always, stay safe and happy eating!