Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! January Issue!

    Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! January Issue!

    Jan 10, 2022

    There are 3 rules to the game:

    1) Every month one person picks the places to dine.

    2) No one in the group could have eaten there before.

    3) Everyone splits the bill.


    Follow me on this journey of tasting new things and learning more about the city I love! Feel free to use this game with your own family or friends and share below the amazing places you find throughout your travels!


    Happy New Year to all. Wow! Wow! Rachael made great dinner choices for our 2022 kick off. We started at G's on Liberty, the former 60 year location of Alexander's in Bloomfield . What a lovely, chic transformation of the entire place, bar and dining area. It is open, trendy and welcoming with G, short for Grainne, stopping by to greet each diner. They opened for business in October 2021 and haven't stopped. They offer a wide variety of wine and cocktails. They served complimentary bread with butter with kalamata olives.

    We ordered the fresh beet and smoked goat cheese terrine and the kataifi lamb meatballs as appetizers.

    The beets were plated with arugula salad and grilled orange vinaigrette. It was scrumptious from the flavor to the texture and combination of all. ($10)

    The lamb meatballs cracked us up. They looked like funny tumbleweeds, plated beautifully with crushed chickpeas, cauliflower, tabbouleh and cucumber yogurt. ($12)

    The presentation is outstanding and the wait staff was efficient and courteous. And...we are only at the appetizers! We shared the housemade potato gnocchi and braised short rib. I like that all of their dinners are plated as a dinner, nothing a la carte.

    The gnocchi were dressed with spinach, portobello, and tomato coulis, topped with crispy fried onions. ($20)

    The short ribs were fork tender served over a bed of mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables and a light Cabernet demi glace. ($28) I would definitely give G's a thumbs up. 

    We powered forward for dessert to 40 North at Alphabet City, sharing space with the City of Asylum Book Store on the North Side, a few blocks from Allegheny General Hospital. A pleasant surprise, this is a great place serving cocktails, dinner, brunch and dessert. Nice service.

    We shared coeur a la creme and the chocolate torte.

    The creme was orange curd topped with candied orange peel and pistachio. ($8)

    The torte was very rich topped with coconut candy. ($8)

    The orange and the chocolate definitely complimented one another. We enjoyed decaf Americanos and packed up some dessert for later. I think I may return to try their Affogato, one of my favorites.

    We had a lovely evening. Until next time, stay safe and happy eating!