Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! December Issue!

    Restaurant Roulette with Suzanne! December Issue!

    Dec 13, 2021

    There are 3 rules to the game:

    1) Every month one person picks the places to dine.

    2) No one in the group could have eaten there before.

    3) Everyone splits the bill.


    Follow me on this journey of tasting new things and learning more about the city I love! Feel free to use this game with your own family or friends and share below the amazing places you find throughout your travels!


    To kick off the holiday season we started our evening at the Van Gogh exhibit. It is a pleasant experience, to be enjoyed by all ages. We then headed to Warrendale to try the Napa Prime Chophouse and were not disappointed. The restaurant is esthetically pleasing displaying the wine and the choices of beef including the tomahawk cut and the service is first class.

    Rachael ordered wine and I tried the Pineapple Mai Tai, made using pineapple Maggie's Farm Rum, smooth and not too sweet. The waiter was more than happy to split dishes.

    We shared a feature salad of arugula, toasted hazelnuts, pomegranate seeds tossed in a light balsamic dressing accompanied by their pull apart dinner rolls with whipped butter. They even split French onion soup that was served piping hot and cheesy. ($9)

    We both chose the 10 ounce filet mignon ($48), Rachael's served Oscar style ($10). Sides are sized to be shared and we split the brussel sprouts ($12) and wild mushroom risotto ($12). There is a long list of types of beef available and extensive seafood options. As a diner allergic to seafood, I would have liked more of an appetizer option other than shellfish.

    We were stuffed, taking home leftovers but moved on to dessert and coffee. We shared the chocolate flourless cake and it was delicious and rich, served with raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and cream. ($11) Divine!! Napa Prime offers a bar menu and a long list of cigars. If you are looking for a special place to share a meal, I would suggest Napa Prime Chophouse as a lovely destination. 

    Until next time, stay safe and happy eating!