About me

    Annu Rao Naik M.S., M.B.A Professional Background: I have over 15 years of experience in Marketing/Sales and Quality Assurance/Control in the engineering and electronics industry. I worked as team leader on many projects and easily achieved set targets. I traveled extensively and interacted with many cultures and ethnicities. I have a highly professional attitude and thoroughly enjoy working with people. . Personal Background: I love to travel, meet new people, and make many friends of different cultures and backgrounds. I have a lot of hobbies and thoroughly enjoy life. I place a great deal of emphasis on my reputation. I am married and have two beautiful children, ages 14 and 11. I am very familiar with both public and private schools in the Houston area. Almost all of my clients become my very good friends and formed lasting relationships. Friends and family see me as enthusiastic, energetic, vivacious, friendly and caring with abundant patience. I do believe in being accessible and understand the urgency. I am easy to reach and quick to respond.. People find me to be very trustworthy which is the secret to my success. I am very aware of each person's unique requirements and empathetic to their needs and requirements.