Tips to Declutter your Home

    Tips to Declutter your Home

    May 03, 2019

    Go Storage-Less in the Living Room

    Consider this the First Law of Clutter: Excess space attracts excess items. For example, if your coffee table comes equipped with drawers or lower shelves, you'll inevitably fill these spots with books, decorative goods, remote controls, stray toys, etc. It's just the way of the universe. To lower the amount of clutter in your living room, then, choose a coffee table that's simple and streamlined, without any storage.

    Stay Within The Tray

    On that note, you can always use a serving tray to corral loose items like remotes, video game controllers, coasters and candles. By confining these items to one spot, you'll not only make your living room look more organized, but also create a stylish boundary that clutter's not allowed to pass.

    Create a Mail-Sorting System

    Honestly, the best way to get ahead of your mail is to create a sorting system. Keep it simple, and hang two files on the side of your island: one for bills and cards that need to be addressed, the other for flyers that can be tossed in the trash.

    Limit Your Number of Hangers

    If your closet's bursting at the seams, try reducing the number of hangers that you have readily available. With limited spots for your clothes, you'll have to prioritize the items you actually wear over the ones that have simply been gathering dust. This technique might also help you be more intentional about future purchases, as you'll have to ask yourself if you're willing to sacrifice a spot for your favorite sweater to a new blouse.

    Draft Erasable Lists

    One of the smartest things we ever did at my house was trade our notepad for a dry erase board. Now, instead of leaving grocery lists and to-do lists on our counters, we write everything down on the board, snap a photo for our shopping trip and erase the list when we no longer need it. Chalkboards can help eliminate paper clutter as well.

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