Project: Outdoor doormats for Fall

    Project: Outdoor doormats for Fall

    Sep 25, 2018

    Fall is almost here but have you started decorating yet? This one project is quite easy and helps set the tone of your home. Follow this easy step by step way to make either a Fall or Halloween doormat. This example is for Halloween but get creative and design it however you would like.

    1. Lay pieces of painter’s tape that are about 8 inches long, one on top of another, slightly overlapping. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands.
    2. Use a marker or pencil to draw a small or medium-sized bat silhouette directly onto the sheet of painter’s tape. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing freehand, look online for bat shapes or other shapes, like pumpkins or cats.
    3. Carefully peel up the sheet of tape and cut out the bat silhouette. This will be your reverse stencil. Make more bats in various sizes until you have the desired amount
    4. Stick each bat to the plain doormat in an interesting pattern or design. Push the tape down firmly to make sure it sticks to the mat.
    5. To ensure that the mat will not become hard and crusty and that the bats will keep their shape, use textile paint. Brush it on in short up-and-down strokes to make sure that the shapes stay sharp and crisp. Note: A specialty spray paint made for textiles may also work for this project if you have a time crunch. But keep in mind that the reverse-stenciled bats may not be as crisp as if you were using a brushed-on paint.
    6. When the doormat is completely painted and dry, remove the tape to reveal the final bat shapes. Touch up any areas that may need it with additional paint, and then spray with clear sealant before using

    Allan Friestad

    Coldwell Banker Residential Realty