Dollar Store Hacks

    Dollar Store Hacks

    Nov 16, 2018

    Great ideas for decorating and storage! check out these 50 dollar store hacks to make your homes more creative and organized. Here are just some of the great ideas listed on the site.

    Wanderlust Napkin Rings - Give your napkin rings a secondary purpose as place holders. Pick up some luggage tags from a dollar store, slide in a piece of card stock with your guest's name for a unique and chic table addition.

    Information Station - Wrangle homework and other important papers with this easy hack. Spruce up an old shelf or board with a fresh coat of paint, then spray paint a few magazine organizers to match. Secure the board atop the organizers using screws or a heavy-duty adhesive. Try color-coding files to keep things super organized.

    Ice Packs Made Easy - Keep lunches cool, dry and stylish with this dollar store project. Wet a sponge and place it in the freezer until completely frozen. Place the frozen sponge inside a snack bag wrapped in colorful duct tape. The tape will not only give the "ice pack" some style, but also insulate the baggy, making the cooling aid last longer.

    Perfect Pantry Made Easy - Gather some metal or plastic bins from your local dollar store. Spray paint the bins in the desired hue to give the bins a more expensive look. Once the bins are dry, add labels for a perfectly organized pantry.

    Spice Rack Supplies - The whole family will appreciate this repurposed, rotating spice rack. Sort items like thumbtacks, paperclips, rubberbands and batteries into separate jars and clear out the junk drawer in the process.

    High-Impact, Easy Updates - Make over builder-grade light switch covers with this faux fancy hack. Pick a picture frame from the dollar store that will blend in well with your wall color and switch covers. Attach the frame to the wall with adhesive putty for a bespoke, finished look

    Emergency Preparedness - Create an emergency kit for your glove compartment with a dollar store makeup bag. Fill with a scissors, disinfecting wipes, first aid supplies and more for an on-the-go emergency kit. Pro-tip: Find a makeup bag that folds flat for storage in an easy-to-access place.