Smart Home Tech Part 1

    Smart Home Tech Part 1

    Nov 12, 2017

    Good afternoon friends and clients!

    So, a topic I am working on this week and beyond is that of the "smart" home. On my Facebook page, I posted a video asking my sphere to tell me if they had heard of a smart home or live in a smart home. Also, if they had no idea what I was talking about. : )

    A few had examples of smart technology already in their home and a few didn't know anything about Smart Homes.

    Smart Home technology is here and building by the day. If is no longer just used by the young and tech savvy but by all folks of all ages from many different walks of life. It is used daily for many all over the world.

    What is the basic definition of Smart Home?

    WiFi or Bluetooth capable devices that help control thermostats, door locks, lighting, and much more. Smart homes help regulate security, energy savings, and convenience in your home from your fingertips on your smart device.

    So, maybe you are like me and you are living in the dark ages. Maybe you are saying..... Kristyn. NO BODY CARES! It's not that big of deal and it only matters in big cities and to the very rich.

    You would be surprised!

    What if I told you, that in a Survey conducted by Coldwell Banker, nearly 1/2 of consumers say that smart home technology is extremely important for their current home and their future homes. 54% of homeowner would purchase Smart home kits, like the one Coldwell Banker offers, for their homes if they knew it would make their homes sell more quickly. Also, almost 3 quarters of millennial buyers asked (72%) say that would be willing to pay $1500 or more for smart home tech in the listing they are viewing.

    Millennial buyers are THE buyers to watch for in the market. This group of consumers will drive smart home tech far a beyond and more quickly that expected.

    It has been said by those studying these trends that in 2 to 5 years, ALL buyers will be looking for smart homes!

    Coldwell Banker is at the forefront of this research and will work hard to bring this information and technology to our home sellers and buyers. I am Smart Home Certified and will make it a mission to make sure all my clients are aware of the Smart Home trend and how we as buyers and sellers can take advantage of this upcoming change in our market place!

    As always, contact me with all your RE comments and Questions.

    Kristyn : )