Early Summer Home Projects

    Early Summer Home Projects

    May 21, 2020

    Most of us have a bit of extra time right now with COVID-19 and social distancing, so it may a great time to go through some basic home checks. Some areas you might want to consider -

    1) Basic walk-around the outside of your home looking for areas that might need attention (gutters, paint, landscape, etc).

    2) Be sure to check the AC unit(s)!

    3) Do you need to pressure wash the deck and restain/paint?

    4) If you did not check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with the change to daylight savings time, do this now.

    5) Clean off ceiling fan blades. They can collect amazing amounts of dust!

    6) Good time to check patio furniture for repairs/painting.

    7) Window washing. You can certainly get a professional in to do this if you choose. However with some new products on the market, you may want to give this a go yourself. I was pleasantly surprised recently at how well Simple Green worked on outside patio doors and windows for our sunroom (wet the windows/doors with hose; mix Simple Green with warm water and use a soft brush with extended handle to go over glass; hose the glass and let dry). This is also a good time to check windows and seals for any possible needed repairs.

    8) Run a check on your irrigation system and/or hoses.

    9) Refresh plant beds as needed.

    10) Do an inside walk through to check for minor repairs that need to be addressed (touch-up painting, caulking, tightening a door pull on a kitchen cabinet, checking and replacing filters, etc).

    11) Make sure your grill is in good working order and ready for the summer fun! (If a gas grill and you use a propane tank, make sure the tank is ready.)

    Basic maintenance now can mean big savings later!

    On your mark, get set, enjoy summer!!!