Do Photos Really Matter?

    Do Photos Really Matter?

    Jun 28, 2020

    I am often surprised at how many home listings that I see on the multiple listing service that I can tell have not been taken by a professional photographer. Should a seller be satisfied with their home being marketed for sale without professional photos? If I were a seller, I would not be satisfied. Photos are your one and only opportunity to show your home with its unique features in the best light in order to get a potential buyer to take the next step which is an in person home visit.

    When selecting a person who can list your home, take a look at the quality of previous listings to see if the photos are done professionally. This could mean the difference in months on the market instead of days. The photographer should have a wide angle lens to capture entire rooms in a home. An artistic eye of the photographer can stage the home in order for the shot to turn out just right. The less clutter displayed in photos is key!

    Finally lighting between the interior of the home and exterior must be balanced to prevent over and under exposed shots that distract the eye of the buyer. When it comes to large homes or large properties, drone shots are a must in order for buyers to see the entire home and surrounding land.

    As a realtor and also as a photographer and licensed drone operator, I focus on giving my sellers the best photos to market their home to its full potential as any first good impression is a lasting impression and may result in a quicker sale.