#FieldTripFriday: PuroClean

    #FieldTripFriday: PuroClean

    Feb 08, 2019

    This week’s adventure took us to Puroclean in Williston. We thought this would be an appropriate follow-up to the visit to the fire station visit as these are the people that come in to clean up once the fire is put out. Their motto “the paramedics of property damage” rings true this time of year as they are helping customers with pipes that have burst. Here are three things we learned from the visit:

    1) 34% of dryer fires are started by dirty vents, so make sure to clean the lint from the exterior or get the entire vent cleaned.

    2) Another thing they are called for are "puffbacks." These happen when your furnace hasn’t been inspected and/or cleaned in a long time. When you go to start it the first time it can misfire and send smoke and soot all over the place. It is important to make sure to keep up with cleaning your furnace, but if you haven’t they are here to help.

    3) It is cheaper to restore than to rebuild after a fire so speak to them about what can be salvaged before tearing up floors. They have saved carpets, couches and even some electronics.

    The team at Puroclean has someone answering phones 24/7 and have looked at jobs all times of day and night. Insurance companies will typically contact a service provider after a claim but you can put in a request for Puroclean specifically. Or you can give them a call direct at (802) 864-5551 to discuss dryer vents and carpet cleaning.