Video Marketing for Real Estate

    Video Marketing for Real Estate

    Dec 21, 2021

    Did you know 54% of consumers have asked to see more video from companies on their products? People spend roughly 7 hours every month watching videos on their phone or computer. If your real estate agent doesn't have video marketing as part of their strategy, you could be missing out on potential buyers or a loss in sales price offers.

    Video marketing for real estate comes in a few different forms. Today, we will discuss the 3 most popular forms of video marketing that real estate agents use in the Toledo area.


    Slideshow videos consist of the still pictures from the MLS organized in short form video. Transitions will happen as the video moves from one still picture to the next and most services provide background music along with an address header. It's important to have quality photos for your listing in order for this method to be effective.


    Quick and efficient (turnaround time is normally under 5 minutes)

    Short form videos perform better on social media advertising

    Cost effective (even an agent on a budget can use this method)


    Not as engaging as other methods

    Picture order can affect the overall feel of the video

    Low customization level, you get what you get

    Best For

    Budget minded seller

    Supplemental video to other methods

    Here's an example of a Slideshow Video :


    Matterport video creates a 3-D virtual walk thru to capture the space of the property. A specialized camera is used to capture a 360 panoramic view of the rooms so consumers can place themselves in your home - virtually that is! Consumers can then rotate the room and move from spot to spot throughout the house to get a real feel for the property.


    Allows consumers the next best option to an actual showing

    3-D floorplans captures the visual spacing better than 2 D


    Matterport photographers are more difficult to find

    Tour links expire after a period of time

    Can get distortion with some images on 'close ups'

    Best For

    Apartments with tenants to minimize disruptions

    Properties target at out of town buyers (vacation homes, luxury properties)

    Minimize showings for covid reasons

    Since Matterport links expire, here is a link to their website :


    One of the more popular versions, the video walk thru allows you to focus on those features of the home that stand out and separate your property from the rest on the market. Video walk thru's can be done with a smart phone (recommend only for a Live Facebook or IG video) but the real special sauce is when a professional is called in to handle the videography. They can really capture the images and create a personal interaction with your home in a way that slideshows and Matterport.


    Fully customizable, including audio and voiceover

    Videos can be cut so short versions can be used on social

    Creates a personal interaction with the consumer viewing the property.


    Its the most expensive form of video marketing

    Turnaround times can be up to a week

    Best For

    Unique properties

    Older, historic homes

    High quality

    Here is an example of a Video Walk Thru

    If you're thinking of selling your home in Toledo or the surrounding area, make sure that video marketing is part of your agents listing plan. Just as important, make sure that they are using the method that best fits your property. Our team always includes video marketing into our strategy , contact us today to find out how we can tailor a video to meet your properties needs!

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