How to Spot a Great Real Estate Agent in Toledo

    How to Spot a Great Real Estate Agent in Toledo

    Dec 14, 2021

    Real Estate agents come in all different skill levels and specialties. With so many agents in the marketplace, how do you know who is the real deal? Here are some tips to help with your research


    How do their Google reviews look and how many?

    Do they have any Facebook reviews?

    All agents should have a profile on a company website that hosts reviews


    As stated above, all agents should have some form of a website. The website should provide information about the agent, their brokerage, and most importantly their current listings and recent solds.

    How many active listings do they have? How do the pictures look? Description? Where are their listings and recent sales?






    Are they actively in real estate? Display knowledge? Use video? Most importantly -> is there a personality match with you?

    While a good way to start a real estate agent search may be typing the below

    Google, Find Real Estate Agents Near Me....

    But you'll want to dig a little deeper to learn more about the agent. With all of the technology and social platforms, consumers can get a very good idea of what kind of service they will receive just from internet research.

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