Don't Make This $5000 Mistake!

    Don't Make This $5000 Mistake!

    Jul 31, 2021

    The market for sellers is really strong right now. Low inventory levels combined with low interest rates and higher wages means there are plenty of buyers for new listings!

    However, don't cut corners to "save a few bucks" and expect above average results.

    97% of home buyers start their home search online. I'll bet you did! Knowing this, we need to put our best foot forward with your listing and it all starts with the photography. An iphone works great for a CMA, a foreclosure listing or a quick social post. But is this the category you want your home to fall in? Of course not!


    A professional photographer will capture all the best features of the home and edit them to perfection. Small spaces look big. Dark rooms look lighter. Photographers can also change the lighting of the sky so a cloudy day can look sunny in the pictures! A really good photographer will make the pictures tell a story about your home, moving from room to room as if you are experiencing the home in person.

    Better pictures means more people stopping the scroll to take a look. More eyeballs on your home the better! The longer a potential buyer is looking at your home on the website, the higher probability that they will contact their agent to schedule a showing. More showings means high demand which equals more offers (including more QUALITY offers).

    If you are NOT doing professional pictures, you are leaving $5000 or more on the table when you sell your home. You will have less showings and the property won't feel as desirable. Remember, after the showing that buyer is heading back home to look at the online pictures again before deciding on the offer amount. Don't leave money on the table. If you're agent doesn't have professional pictures in their listing presentation, then call me and let's chat.

    Watch the video version here!