My Client Testimonials

    We would highly recommend Kelly Chavers. He was extremely knowledgable and helpful, setting up all the necessary appointments, meetings with buyer, and always available for any concerns or questions we had. All of this helped in making our sell very easy for us. -Diane Unruh
    Fantastic. Caring. Enthusiastic. A real dream maker. Stuck with us for over a year, patiently showing us house after house until we found the right one. Took care of us like a 5 - star dinner. If you want a house and you want someone who will fight in your corner like a boxer fighting for his championship belt, use Kelly Chavers. -David Lareau
    Kelly was an amazing agent to work with on purchasing my first home. He made the process seamless with no stress throughout the entire process. He was wonderful with being able to help find a house, getting all the home inspection (being at everyone of them to help talk me through the process), getting a loan officer and finally get me in to my dream house. I had no clue what to do when buying my first home and Kelly made it amazing! -Steven Kopacz
    Kelly is wonderful! He is quick on his toes and gets you in to see houses extremely fast. He got us our house the same day we looked at it! Kelly is reliable, dependable, easy to get ahold of, and trustworthy! Please contact him when considering making a purchase in Tallahassee, you won't be sorry!
    Kelly did an outstanding job as our agent. He was very responsive to us and certainly went above and beyond our expectations. Kelly provided sound advice during our home search as well as the actual purchase process. I felt like he represented us well when we experienced some obstacles during our interactions with home sellers. Kelly was patient and persistent with us and eventually found us the perfect home for our family. Overall, our home buying experience was a good one. I'm glad we had Kelly in our corner every step of the way. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a dependable and results driven agent. - F. Grant
    Words cannot express the awesome experience we had with Kelly. Worked tirelessly after 4 house shopping trips with our family to find our perfect home. Efficient, knowledgeable & kind. He is simply the best! - J. Gill
    Kelly was fantastic. He was very patient with me and lead me through the complicated process of first-time home buying without a hitch. Everything was so much easier than I anticipated thanks to his help.
    I couldn't imagine a better real estate agent. He was a huge help not just in marketing the house but in facilitating repairs, etc. and I always felt like he was a true partner in the effort; he was as personally invested in selling the house as we were. - Phil
    Attentive, knowledgeable, very relaxed with a no-pressure attitude. Made us feel like we were his only client in the world, though that was obviously not the case. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.- Derek
    Being in the restaurant business I thought that I was a hard worker...Truth be told no one works harder than this guy! One day he successfully showed my wife and I twenty-two houses all around town in one very long day. The funny part is that we eventually decided on one of the very first houses that we looked at. Long live the king. -R. Smith
    Kelly Chavers is an amazing realtor. At first we thought we would try to sell our house without a realtor, boy are we glad that we changed our minds! Kelly saved us so much time and hassle, and even saved us from accepting a contract that appeared to be a good offer but upon closer inspection, and with his help interpreting the details in the contract, we realized it really was not the better offer out of the two we were considering. We never would have figured this out on our own. Kelly saved us a ton of time and ultimately, money, AND was an absolute pleasure to work with, extremely prompt, courteous, well informed and patient. Even after hours or while he was out of town, he never left us hanging when we had questions or concerns. I absolutely recommend working with Kelly! -Dierdre Hilliard
    We weren't easy clients. Like so many people, our wish list far exceeded our budget. Kelly took us to see so many homes while we debated on our perfect house, but he never once seemed frustrated. In fact, he was always happy and upbeat, willing to meet whenever my husband and I could find the time. He answered countless emails and every question we had from different home buying programs to estimated costs of renovations. When we finally put in an offer, Kelly helped us secure a home JUST outside our budget for a price we could afford and he walked us through all the steps to make sure we closed promptly. After that, he wanted to know how he could help us get settled in our new home. This man is a Tallahassee Gem! I would recommend him with great confidence and feel safe in saying he will take spectacular care of you.-Amanda Bennitt Wallace
    Kelly was fantastic to work with in buying a home. He got us into houses that seemed like that they would meet our list of dream features that weren't even really on the market. He especially knows Levy Park and its ins and outs very well. Kelly worked through all the different aspects of home-buying--from the financial to the emotional--and, in those conversations, helped us move through our pros and cons list sensibly and then figure out how to both get a good deal and to offer a respectful bid on a home. Beyond, Kelly helped me figure out good people to work with for renovation projects and I consider him a great resource just for all-around knowledge. Kelly Chavers is a truly fantastic person to work with and to know. I strongly recommend him as a real estate agent to anyone.-Murray-Roman
    Kelly effortlessly made us feel like we were his only clients despite having several others. He always answered our questions immediately, answered text and phone calls, and worked with my crazy schedule to make sure i never had a worry. If you want a realtor who truly has your best interest in mind and will tell you the truth about your purchasing process, look no further. I look forward to our next purchase and working with him again!- J. Edmunds
    Kelly made finding my first home easy and fun! I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone that is looking for a realtor. He isn't pushy and genuinely wants to help you find a home that you're going to enjoy for years to come. I can't say enough good things about him!- Elise Hatfield
    Kelly was our Realtor. So he took us through the process of starting to look for houses, to finding a house, to putting in an offer, closing, and everything in between. From inspection, the termite bond, and teaching us what that is. It was wonderful. He was so easy to work with. So open and honest and just very transparent, willing to offer his opinion, share recommendations about everything with us. We kind of had an idea that when you buy a house you go through houses, look at them, and put in an offer. But we had no idea what comes after you make the offer. And Kelly walked us through that process step by step so that we knew exactly what to do, and when to do it by. He sent us reminder emails, so we were never missing a deadline. So that was hugely, hugely helpful. The biggest thing we learned. We learned a lot so it's hard to say what was the biggest. I guess the biggest thing we learned was just how to make the right investments and do what needs to be done to make sure you're taking good care of your house. It's a huge investment, so you want to do all the right things to make sure it's running smoothly, there are no problems. So he helped us kind of navigate that. I would say Kelly is very helpful, very patient. It took us months to find kind of our dream house that we could grow into with the kids. Kelly is awesome. Thank you. Kelly. - Amber
    We met Kelly at a house that he was showing in Southwood three years ago and he helped us buy our first house, and we're actually shopping for a second one now. Kelly tells it how it is. He doesn't give you the sales person approach all the time. He's a lot more real it feels. It's like it's somebody you can actually go talk to. He's like a friend. Like you can sit around and talk to the guy for hours about anything. There's only really one Realtor that I'm aware of in Tallahassee, and it would be Kelly and I wouldn't choose anybody else. Kelly's trustworthy. - Jeff & Assiya
    Kelly is a friend of a friend, and he helped us buy our first house. Oh God, it was amazing. We were terrified. I think a lot of first time home buyers are cause it seems like a really big scary step. But Kelly was fantastic and he made everything super easy. He was just a joy to work with. He listened to all of our concerns and complaints. He was always on call. He's awesome. Kelly's awesome. Just Kelly's wealth of knowledge about the home buying process and about real estate, in general. Just any questions that I had, any concerns, Kelly was able to answer them just right off the bat. Just super easily. Just able to comfort my wife and I and, you know, just to step by step, walk us through everything and just make it simple. Buying a house is a smart decision and that buying a house from Kelly is a smarter decision. I would tell people to not waste their time. Go straight to Kelly, because I talked to another Realtor first. And then a friend of mine was like, What are you doing?! Talk to Kelly! And then I went to Kelly and then I was like, What was I doing? I should have gone to Kelly. Go straight to Kelly, do not pass go, do not collect 200. Kelly will help you with everything. He will make it all super easy. He's a lot of fun to work with. He will calm all of your fears and he will find you the perfect house. He found us the absolute perfect house, understood what we were looking for and just, you know, Kelly's great. Go with Kelly. Kelly is an incredible realtor. An incredible person. Incredibly helpful. And incredible! We had a wonderful home buying experience with Kelly. If you're looking for a Realtor, if you're in North Florida, South Georgia, and you're looking to buy a house or sell a house, Kelly is awesome. The guy who knows his stuff better than I even realized anybody could know their stuff and it will be the best decision you ever made. - Jeff
    Kelly's our realtor who helped us find our perfect home. We found the perfect home in Southwood with Kelly's help. It was fantastic actually and we were very nervous getting into it because we haven't bought a home in 30 something years, so we didn't know much about it and we are new to Florida, so we knew even less. He walked us through everything. He was very patient with us. He was there whenever we called. We probably called way too much, but he always got back to us quickly and it's nice to work with somebody you completely trust and we completely trusted him throughout the process. He was simply the best. He helped us find everything we needed. He answered all of our questions. He walked us through every step of the process from the beginning of buying the house, through closing and helping us get our utilities set up and everything. He was just awesome. One is, he's extremely knowledgeable so I felt very comfortable. He knew all the rules, all the laws. He was able to help us out with what we can do and what we can't do. So, I mean, his knowledge was incredible to us, but also just the fact that we completely trusted him. He's very honest, very open, and just being available 24/7 almost. You know, so it was just like a great experience. He really helped out. We went through the inspection and there were a couple of things that needed to be checked on and he made sure they came in and checked out the electric and got everything set so that everything was working in the house before we went through and purchased it. So it was just, it was great. Kelly's always available. He helps you out with any questions you have and he follows through on everything you need. - John & Francine
    We know Kelly. We bought our house off of him. It'll be 3 years in July. And we met Kelly through a friend of ours who highly recommended Kelly. And ever since we bought our house, we've been recommending Kelly to all of our friends. Our overall process with him was great. He made things easy when the sellers made things hard. The guy that we bought the house off of made it a very difficult process. Kelly kept us sane throughout the whole thing. And the great thing too, we saw a bunch of houses and Kelly kept saying, Well, which one do you keep going back to? Which one is your favorite? Which one calls to you? Well, the one that we bought, it kept calling to us. We kept going back to it. Even when we weren't with Kelly, we'd go and just sit on the porch and we felt like we were at home. We actually sat on the porch swing then, before we bought the house, more often that we have since we bought the house. I don't know if we'd have been able to buy the house without him. And I know people who have tried to buy house through the foreclosures and go straight through the bank and stuff like that. I still, to this day in fact, it was just two days ago, I talked to Kelly and posted on Facebook asking about, well, how do I buy the house directly through foreclosure. I'm like, nope nope. Go through someone. I was like, you need to find out how to do it correctly, cause that's what we originally started and tried to do. We wanted to go look for a foreclosure or we wanted to try and buy a house on our own and then go into a completely different route and buying one through Kelly after he toured us through the house because it was just so much easier. And the whole time that we were talking through this process, there were stressful times with the previous owners and the thing that I remember most about Kelly is that he always kept things calm and he had our back the whole time and he was always there for us and made the whole process very easy and I just highly recommend him for anyone. If not Kelly, go with someone that he would recommend. And one of the great things about Kelly is he stays in touch after the purchase, so we're still in touch and he's smiling at me right now. He still remembers what drinks we like, what our hobbies are, and he's always giving us the current appraisals of our house if we want to go ahead and sell and buy a different house, and three years later. It's a wonderful personal touch that's highly recommended that I don't think a lot of other Realtors would do. Kelly is an amazing as well as a friend who's going to call you back. - John & Helena
    I was recommended to work with Kelly and yeah, it was a great recommendation and I would recommend him to somebody else as well. Well, Kelly was very patient and showed me a lot of houses and he was just every time, it was like, if it's not the one, it's not the one, we'll find the one for you. I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico when a house he thought I would like came up and we FaceTimed while I was in Albuquerque. So he definitely goes the extra mile for his clients. Im new to Tallahassee and I didn't realize all the different little suburbs and areas that there are. So he showed me a big diverse area or places. Buying a house with Kelly was easy and straightforward and it was actually an exciting time in my life. Absolutely. I would recommend Kelly 100%. Kelly is a pleasure to work with. - Julie-Anne
    My wife and I bought a house from Kelly. That was a great experience. He actually helped us buy the house we were renting, which was awesome because you didn't have to move. We'd looked at a bunch of houses and then we decide, what about the place we're at. And he found the owner and convinced them to sell the house to us. I'd say Kelly goes above and beyond what you'd expect from -- what I expected from a realtor. He made sure that we were satisfied and that whatever it was we were looking for was going to be met and he helped us get to that point. And then after the fact, he has helped us to, you know, as first time homeowners, anything that we needed to get done. If you need plumbing work or something else, he has always had a recommendation. Kelly's an awesome realtor who really focuses on what the client is looking for and helps you meet your goals pretty quickly as well. - Michael
    I first had my encounter with Kelly when I bought my home at Lake Tallavana and he helped me with it and I have a lovely home that is the result. It's right on the lake. It's beautiful. It's everything I ever wanted and it wouldn't have happened without Kelly. The biggest thing that I learned through processing my house is to trust the person that's working with you and I did trust Kelly. He gave me no reason not to trust him and he was incredibly easy and reasonable and professional to work with. Kelly is the ultimate professional with incredibly positive interaction with people and a great negotiator and very friendly. If you are a newcomer in the market or if you've sold many homes and bought many of them, Kelly knows it all. He really can be trusted to look and advocate for you. - Pamela
    My name is Ron, and Kelly helped us buy a house a few years ago, that we currently live in. Kelly was awesome. He helped us find a house. He was always in contact with us when we needed him, which was kind of a lot. We would text, phone, email he was always there for us. And we knew he was always a busy guy, but we left like the only people he actually worked with, because he just got back to us all the time. He is great. We had some referrals through friends saying Kelly was an awesome Realtor, and we actually knew Kelly from before, too. So kinda just those two things were what we needed to make him our Realtor. Kelly was always on the other line when we needed to talk to him. Whether it be something about the house, or some issues we found, Kelly was there every step of the way. Its not as easy as you think it is, and you are going to find things throughout the process that you dont expect. And Kelly was there for every step that we didnt see coming, and he was awesome through it. It was great. I would definitely look at Kelly. Kelly is going to be there for you. He is going to answer your questions. He going to be there through every step of the process. And hell make you feel like it will be like youre working with your best friend, really. Kelly is reliable. He will always be there for you, and he will become your new best friend throughout the process. -Ron
    This Realtor truly walks on water as his regular course of habit. My daughter bought her house with Mr. Chavers as her Realtor. Wonderful experience. He listed a residential investment property for me. The listing went public around 3 AM. By 11 AM, he brought me an offer. With negotiations and even a subsequent offer, the house was SOLD in 2 days. Mr. Chavers will be listing and selling my personal reference asap. Thank you, Kelly for everything! -Camille
    It was clear that Kelly understood the value of our home and the current market from the beginning, while some other realtors we interviewed suggested listing as much as 50,000 dollars lower. He was not only able to sell for list price, but he got us 4 solid offers on the first day on the market, which allowed us to sell over our asking price. We were really impressed by his marketing materials and photography of the home, which I know helped attract a lot of attention to the property. We are currently living in California and had the property rented out when we sold, and Kelly took care of everything so we never had to make a trip back or worry about being remote. We can't recommend Kelly Chavers enough!!" - Zillow user2767273
    As first time home buyers, we had nothing short of a million questions regarding the entire process. Kelly handled all of them with responsiveness and understanding, and walked us through it all. And what's more, he kept up with us for over a year in our prolonged search for the perfect home in a very seller-friendly market. He genuinely cares about your goals and limits, and was never pushy. He is born and raised Tallahassee, so his knowledge of the marketplace, as well as having a great network of connections in related professions like mortgage lenders and inspectors, helped tremendously. I highly recommend Kelly to everyone! -Michelle X.
    Kelly is the best! We started shopping for homes a year ago. Things came up that put our shopping on hold. Kelly was patient, understanding and we never felted rushed. He worked so well will us, while being across the country, to make sure he was sending homes that fit our wants and needs. He is a very knowledgeable 2nd generation realtor; having a wealth of information at his fingertips. He thoroughly answered our questions and if we had one he wasnt quite sure of, he would find the answer LOVE That!! Last month we closed on a beautiful Condo with great amenities and we are very happy! - Lori Parham
    My wife and I are first-time homebuyers. We began looking for a home last year and Kelly worked with us for a couple months. We decided to put our search on hold until the next year, and Kelly picked up right where we left off without a hitch. He is eager to get to know us and learn exactly what we were looking for, without being overbearing. Probably the best part about Kelly is that once we went under contract, he made the whole process incredibly easy and smooth. I was told that the home buying process was very stressful, but Kelly made it as stress-free as possible. I will certainly recommend (and have already recommended) Kelly to anyone looking to buy a home. -Jerod Rigoni
    Kelly Chavers is AWESOME!!!! Kelly is THE best realtor in North Florida, hands down. He helped my wife and I find the perfect home! He was INCREDIBLY helpful and SUPER knowledgeable in all parts of the home buying process, walking us through each phase, sharing helpful tips and answering ANY and ALL questions we could come up with. He made buying a 1st home so easy, and there was never any pressure. THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF AND WILL MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF. 1000% PERCENT RECOMMENDED!!! If you're looking for a realtor, look no further, you've found your guy! -J. Fizz
    We used Kelly to purchase our new home. Kelly is probably the most informative and helpful agent I've ever worked with. He will work on any day or at any time that works for your schedule which is awesome for working parents (he even watched our napping kids in the car while we looked at houses!). He was available for advice on the sale of our home despite us having separate agents where we used to live. What was most helpful was he warned us about several issues with the homes we were looking at that could result in costly repairs which we never would have thought of ourselves. I could say more good things, but I think I've made my point. 10/10 would recommend. -Emily Pepin
    Kelly is the best realtor we've worked with. He is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable, but doesn't come across as a pushy salesperson like many other realtors do. He was patient with us and went above and beyond in helping with many aspects of the home-buying process that we felt clueless about. Highly recommend! -Zillow user91370568
    Kelly was exceedingly patient with me showing me multiple houses until I found just the right one. He was always very professional and made himself available to show me houses whenever I asked. I would highly recommend him as a realtor. -Zillow user
    Kelly is an excellent Realtor who assisted my wife and I in finding a new home in Tallahassee after we lost our previous home in a smaller town to a fire. He assessed our needs and showed us a number of homes that were closest to meeting them. After our initial choice fell through due to the seller's refusal to repair major problems that were found upon inspection (unless we paid thousands more for that house than the amount that was agreed upon), Kelly immediately went to work to help us get a price well below asking on our second choice, which has turned out to be an excellent house. We highly recommend Kelly to anyone wishing to buy or sell a house in the Tallahassee area. He is a great asset to Coldwell Banker - Hartung and Noblin, Inc. -Michael M.
    Kelly was referred to us by a long-time realtor who we were intending to use but ended up moving away right when we were in the market. We couldn't have been luckier that the result turned out to be Kelly as our realtor. He was very knowledgeable, honest, professional, and made it as easy as buying/selling a home can be. He has veteran knowledge/presence but he also utilizes new technology to make it easier for all involved as well as bringing out the best in your house for potential buyers. My wife and I 100% recommend him to anyone in the market to buy or sell. -Zillow user012333
    When purchasing a home, you need a realtor that is patient during the initial looking phase but extremely timely once you find that perfect home. Kelly was the perfect balance when we purchased our home. He was on top of every timeline set forth by the lending company. I will recommend him to anyone I know looking for realtor they can trust. -Zillow user
    I would highly recommend Kelly Chavers to anyone who needs a realtor. Having lived in Tallahassee his whole life, Kelly really knows the area and is quite knowledgeable. He shared a couple of helpful suggestions with us a few weeks before we put our house on the market, which we appreciated. The photographs and walk-through video that he posted the day it went on the market presented our home so well! In fact, it sold on the first day! But even after the contract was signed, Kelly continued to proactively ensure that all next steps (inspections, appraisal, etc.) were promptly handled. We were so fortunate to have had a realtor who not only did his job masterfully, but who is a wonderful, caring person. -L. Valenzuela
    Kelly helped my wife and I find our perfect home. He was very helpful and always willing and able to show us any new homes that came on the market. Working with Kelly was such an easy and relaxed process. Very knowledgable and really cares about helping you finding the perfect home. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone buying or selling. -Josh Underwood
    Kelly was very professional and helpful in my house hunting/buying process. He was also very patient with me until I found just the right house. Warm, friendly polite and professional but never pushy. Wonderful experience overall. -Ashley Daugherty
    Kelly was wonderful to work with and he will get your house sold! This was our first time selling a house and we had no idea what to do. Kelly explained the process from top to bottom, being very patient and made us feel comfortable with the process. Kelly goes above and beyond other realtors with his marketing with photos and videos. Thanks Kellys preparation on the front end, we sold our house in less than a day!! Thank you, Kelly! -Michael Matthews
    Best realtor in town! Kelly helped me find the perfect home. He even cautioned me from purchasing a home that had a lot of problems that the sellers did not disclose. Kelly hired someone who came in and inspected and found the problems prior to closing and I was able to terminate contract before losing thousands of dollars. Hes a patient, knowledgeable realtor. All around awesome experience! -Alicia Trawick
    Kelly Chavers worked with us to help us find our dream home! We weren't easy either because my husband and I had different priorities while house hunting and were very picky as we spent months deliberating over all of the options. Kelly was patient with us and helped us to find a home that satisfied both of our criteria and that we knew right away was it for us. Not only did he help us find our home, but he provided us with all of the guidance that we wanted along the way in terms of closing, inspections, and all of the details that we didn't realize were involved in purchasing a home. You will be so grateful to have him on your side through the process! -Amlynn F.
    Kelly had extensive knowledge about the area, and he was able to walk me through the home buying process as a first time homebuyer. Kelly answered all of my questions and his response time was impeccable. Kelly is professional and personal and was a joy to work with. -DNS
    Kelly is very professional and knowledgeable about the housing market. He did a great job marketing our house and it sold quickly. The drone photo of the property was great as well as the video walk through. - Zillow user6330265
    Kelly was literally a godsend to us. We were on a strict timeline to find a house and he was able to keep us calm and stay positive the entire time. He did all of the work for us and made the entire home buying process so easy and not as stressful as we thought it would be. Kelly was also very responsive. As a first time homebuyer, I had a ton of questions and he would always respond right away no matter the time of day or night. He also would set up reminders for me and check in to make sure that I had everything ready to go for our upcoming meetings which was super helpful. We couldn't be happier with the service that we received from Kelly and have recommended him to all of our family and friends. -Goofey1725
    Detail-oriented and very thorough agent. Works hard to make sure he crosses all the T's and dots all the I's, which in real estate is uber important. Professional, punctual and extremely helpful. Great agent! -dmfmack
    Kelly was fantastic! He was always available to answer any questions we had. Very knowledgeable and introduced us to great lenders in the area. Greatly eased the home buying process for us! Definitely recommend!! -Laura Lopez
    Kelly was the perfect realtor to assist me with purchasing my first home. With Kelly, the process was simply effortless. He was quick to respond to ALL of my questions and great at clarifying the more complicated issues related to the home buying process. He facilitated the negotiations, the scheduling of all inspections, signing of documents and all other required tasksresulting in a quick and issue free closing. I have and will continue to recommend Kelly to all who are looking to purchase a new home. Kelly is a great realtor and a great person! Thanks Kelly! -Zillow user
    Kelly is a very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy agent who will ensure you not only understand the process of buying and/or selling but he will get you the best possible results! Call Kelly!! -Ginger Walker
    Kelly was amazing throughout the homebuying process, and even afterwards!!! Hes professional, thorough, and he answered allllll of my questions! He saved me money, and I even got cash back after closing!! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kelly, and I recommend him to anyone who asks about buying a home !! -Nikema
    Kelly was literally a godsend to us. We were on a strict timeline to find a house and he was able to keep us calm and stay positive the entire time. He did all of the work for us and made the entire home buying process so easy and not as stressful as we thought it would be. Kelly was also very responsive. As a first time homebuyer, I had a ton of questions and he would always respond right away no matter the time of day or night. He also would set up reminders for me and check in to make sure that I had everything ready to go for our upcoming meetings which was super helpful. We couldn't be happier with the service that we received from Kelly and have recommended him to all of our family and friends. -Rachel Collins
    Kelly was very professional and knowledgeable about the market and latest marketing trends. Due to this our house sold quickly! -Faith Jones
    Kelly was extremely helpful in selling our home. He took AMAZING photos of our house that lead to multiple offers within days of listing the property. Kelly perfectly priced my house too. I had no experience in selling a home, so his guidance was much appreciated. He was excellent throughout the sale process and could answer all my questions. I highly recommend Kelly! - Jessie Icerman
    I met Kelly at one of the many open houses I had been to. I ran into him again when writing up a contract with another agent that I didn't go through with. I was surprised that he remembered me from the open house months earlier. When I finally decided I was serious about finding a house, I contacted Kelly. He was friendly but not pushy, professional yet easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and honest in his opinions. I was not an easy client due to my indecisiveness but Kelly remained calm and reassuring. He was very responsive to all my questions, always finding an answer or getting the information I needed. I highly recommend him! - Dana Hoffman

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    April 2021 Real Estate Market Update

    We are in an interesting period right now where we are going to start seeing some of the year-over-year metrics shoot up, because this time last year we were beginning lockdown. Showings are up 49.5% - a lot of people getting out and wanting to look at home across the country. Purchase applications are up 39%. Pending deals are down slightly, while existing home sales and new home sales are both up almost 10%. The issue is in inventory – it is something that continues to plague the real estate i...
    Apr 13, 2021 Real Estate News & Trends

    March 2021 Real Estate Market Update

    The biggest challenge in the market right now is the lack of inventory. In addition, mortgage rates for the average 30 year fixed are coming over 3%.Purchase activity remains high, but interest rates are going to begin to rise as the economy improves and as we get better information on the coronavirus. In regards to forbearance, we are finding that almost one out of two that took forbearance didn't need it - they made their monthly payments or paid off their loan. Then about 33% are in some kind...
    Mar 12, 2021 Real Estate News & Trends

    February 2021 Real Estate Market Update

    "Existing-home sales totaled 5.64 million in 2020, up 5.6% from 2019 and the most since before the Great Recession."- National Association of RealtorsMore homes were sold last year than in 2019, and the projections for 2021 are even stronger. With the experts projecting such a strong market this year, we want to take a look at the home price forecasts. The average of the expert's home price forecasts is about 5%, compared to about 3.8% historically. Price will always be a factor of supply and de...
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