Moving in Style!

    Moving in Style!

    Sep 16, 2018

    Moving - In Style

    The word "moving" would generally connotate a negative reaction. For many, it means late night scavenging for boxes and tissue paper, endless streams of clear packing tape, and packing peanuts, don't even get me started about those peanuts! What would you think if I said there was another way? As you'll discover, not all moving companies are the same - some provide far more than boxes, peanuts and tape.

    The A-Lister's Privacy Matters

    Persons living in the spotlight may want to "go dark" when they move. Like a scene out of a spy movie, luxury movers will deploy decoy trucks to throw off paparazzi and others who may be following the celeb for various reasons. Photographs of their new home or of their personal belongings could bring a huge profit to a photographer, so privacy is imperative. Luxury movers will ensure valuables and nick-knacks are kept private as well as the destination.

    The Luxury Moving Package

    A luxury moving team such as North Star Moving Company will handle the whole thing. From kitchen utensils to grand pianos, all will be wrapped, packaged and bound and ready for transport. The client need not concern themselves about packing anything, including their artwork. Custom made crates will be furnished for personal artifacts such as luxury vases to priceless paintings.

    Although the packing and transportation may be covered, what about everything else? That's handled also. Now that the boxes have arrived, the luxury moving team will use their Photo Perfect Packing™ service to put everything in its place. Before one item is packaged, complete photos are taken of the way the client's home looked before the move, from furniture to cabinet and drawer contents. When the boxes come in, the team will unpack items and place them as close to where they were before, including putting artwork on the walls and nick-knacks in the cabinets. Even toothbrushes and toiletries will be where they're expected, except at a different address of course. This is what makes a luxury move luxurious. No lost personal effects, and no disruption in one's life in the following days.

    What goes on during the move is often as important as the move itself. Pets get anxious too when they are relocating. The luxury mover can help with that by scheduling a visit for cat or dog pampering daycare while the move is underway. Family care, vehicle care, home/furniture care, donations and home organization are all addressed with a Luxury Package. Home decorators, stagers and electronic technicians are at the ready when moving in luxury. If you can think of the issue, they have a solution.

    For some, timing is always an issue. Celebrities often work odd hours while filming. Not an issue here, as luxury movers are available twenty-four hours daily, no request is too much. Your wish is their command, no request is too much. Moving is stressful enough, but for the luxury-move client, it's tailor cut, to suite individual schedules and lifestyles.

    This type of celebrity service is luckily not only for the famous. It's for everyone who would prefer to have their moving to-do list eliminated, and would prefer to actually enjoy their journey to the new address and exciting new chapter of their luxury lifestyle.

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    By Suzana Delis