Wide Open Spaces

    Wide Open Spaces

    Oct 11, 2017

    KEEP READING, this is NOT a post about one of my favorite bands EVER. Sorry in advance for those who don't agree wth the girls' politically, but I can't punish my ears for their lack of self-control. This article has nothing to do with the music group, but everything to do with selling your home!

    When preparing to sell your home, there are many, simple things that you can do to make your home look and appear bigger. I'm not talking about your average declutter, take down personal photos, and deep clean, which I feel is an absolute MUST. I am talking about your making your home sing, "Wide Open Spaces," to the buyer when they walk in the door. Here's how:

    1. Remove heavy drapes from any room. Leaving windows bare extends the space to the outside, instantly making the home feel more spacious.
    2. Paint the walls all the same color. Going monochromatic extends the edges of all the walls, lengthening the home and opening it up to more possibilities.
    3. Remove rugs. Area rugs are fine, if they are the appropriate size, but small rugs tend to break up the space and make it feel choppy. This would be an excellent time to redo those wood floors if the sun has faded them due to the rug's presence.
    4. Add mirrors. Not only will the buyer "see" themselves in your home, placing a mirror adjacent to a window will give the room more depth.
    5. Raise the bar (in the bathroom). Raising the shower curtain, ensuring the edge of the curtain touches the floor, will make the ceilings seem higher and the room appear bigger.

    For more tips, or for me to come and help you personally, please call me at 601-454-3727. I'd love to help!

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