Reasons to sell your home in the winter!

    Reasons to sell your home in the winter!

    Nov 13, 2017

    Why wait till the spring or summer to sell your house?

    1. There is 20% less homes for sell in the winter, compared to the spring, summer months.
    2. In the winter, buyers tend to be more serious about buying a home. Most are very motivated.
    3. There is lee inconvenience to the family to keep the home up for showings, because there are less people house hunting in the winter.
    4. With scheduled showings, there doesn't have to be any disturbance to holiday festivities.
    5. Several studies have shown homes sold during the winter season sell closer to listing price. With our market as strong as it is, the stats are proving that!
    6. Contract negotiations are easier in the winter months. Remember, buyers are serous about finding home. It's a captivating audience!
    7. Realtors aren't as busy in the winter months, and with less inventory, there is more attention on your property!

    Call me know if I can provide any further information on why selling your home in the winter season is a great time. I am happy t provide you a complimentary property analysis to help you determine of now is a good time to sell or if it is better to wait. As a professional Realtor, it is my responsibility to give you my unbiased expert opinion.

    The property analysis is complementary and there are no strings attached.