Pre-Inspection of your home

    Pre-Inspection of your home

    Jan 08, 2020

    One way for sellers to help avoid a potential crash of their home sale, is to hire a home inspection prior to listing, and then repairing items most buyers would ask for during the inspection process.

    What happens often is sellers negotiate an offer and agree to a lower price, seller concessions to buyer closing costs, or both; and then get ambushed with hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in repair requests.

    Too often, the sellers are unwilling or unable to hire the repairs, and the deal collapses because of it.

    Many times, if the seller had known about needed repair items, they might have not come so far down on the price or offerred up as much in the way of seller concessions to buyer closing costs.

    Knowledge is power. If a seller is already aware of and has already conducted repairs most commonly ask for by buyers, it's easier to negotiate the inspection part of a transaction, because there is less to repair.

    Many sellers resist hiring a pre-inspection because (in our market) it represents yet another seller cost...around $500. Most of the sellers we know, who have had their home under contract, and then lost the deal due to inspection, wish they shelled out the pre-inspection money.

    In our market, buyers are harder to come by than home repairs are to execute. An added sales advantage for the seller is that many buyers are happy to make any repair requests from the pre-inspection, and see it as a way for them to save $. If the seller has already conducted the most commonly sought repairs, this negotiation becomes much easier to work through, and much less likely to cost the seller the deal.

    When The Realtor with 2 Brains sells their house, IT WILL BE PRE-INSPECTED with the most common repair items corrected prior to listing.