Market Value and a Quick Sale

    Market Value and a Quick Sale

    Mar 10, 2018

    Below are some quick tips for a quick sale as well as some information about MARKET VALUE. Market value is the value of your home as determined by the market. No matter what you do to your home (or don't do), your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Most buyer's are not will to pay over the market value. Below you will find out what determines that market value as well as 6 factors that determine market time!

    Tips and Tricks for a Quick Sale

    ·       Talk to your agent. They are your resource into the Real Estate Market. They represent you and your interests. Another agent will bring the buyer.

    ·       Buyers are usually distracted by areas that need painting or maintenance.

    ·       First impressions are everything. Mow your lawn and keep your yard and deck picked up.

    ·       Carpet should look almost new. It’s worthwhile to steam clean or replace the carpet

    ·       Pets should be under control during showings.

    ·       Let Buyers have time to themselves during showings

    ·       Uncluttered closets, cabinets, and countertops make everything look bigger.

    ·       Too much furniture makes the room look smaller.

    ·       Non-Included items that are attached should be removed.

    ·       Leave lights on, open draperies and curtains.

    ·       When speaking to a buyer, stick to the facts.

    Who Determines Market Value

    ·      Buyer DEMAND affects values

    ·      Buyer’s COMPARE properties before deciding

    ·      Buyer’s shop within SPECIFIC PRICE RANGES

    ·      Sales must pass the lender’s APPRAISAL

    Marketing Time is controlled by 6 factors


    1.   Market Conditions (Number of buyers, interest rates, economic conditions, seasons)

    2.   Competition from other sellers


    3.   The Property’s Appearance

    4.   The Asking Price

    5.   Sale Terms and Inclusions


    6.   The Marketing Plan