First Impressions - Your Home and It's Message

    First Impressions - Your Home and It's Message

    Jul 17, 2021

    Selling Your Home?

    What are Buyers Looking For?

    Buyers often begin their hunt for a new home with an internet search or a drive by. What message is your house sending?

    The "first look" includes the yard, the front entryway, and the overall appearance of the home. A freshly cut yard, an appealing landscape, an unencumbered walkway, and a home free of dirt and grime will scream

    "Yes, this could be my new home!"

    Once you have enticed the buyer to enter your home the real sell begins. Clean floors and baseboards, an uncluttered space, clean windows and unblemished walls remind the buyer that they can move right in and begin to create new memories and traditions instantly.

    Help Your House Make A Great First Impression!

    So how do you help your house make a great first impression?

    Drive up to your home and look at it without the blinders of your emotions and memories. Try to remember the journey you took as your were house hunting before this house became your home. Make a list of things that need attention.

    1. Paint the front door and trim
    2. Power wash the house
    3. Fix the crack in the sidewalk
    4. Paint the mailbox
    5. Plant some colorful flowers
    6. Trim the bushes

    All of these projects can be completed in a weekend. This is also a great way to become excited with anticipation for your new dream home.

    Next, enter your house with the same mindset. Ask yourself if the home is bright and airy? Inhale deeply and notice the scent. Does it smell clean and fresh? Does the house feel open and uncluttered? Will you buyers be able to picture themselves and their belongings in this house and believe this could be their new home?

    1. Deep clean the house
    2. Replace carpets and floors if needed
    3. Add a drop of scented oil on the air conditioner filters
    4. Display fresh flowers
    5. Clean the windows
    6. Repaint walls with light, neutral colors
    7. Change dark curtains to light to allow the full sunlight to enter
    8. Rent a storage unit for all but necessities
    9. Update rooms or appliances as needed
    10. Change hardware or light fixtures

    Small, inexpensive changes can create more dollars at the settlement table! Remember, you want the buyers to picture themselves in this home. Save your family photos and keepsakes for your new home and the next phase of your life. If you plan to continue to live in your home while selling, renting a storage space and moving the non-essentials will eliminate the clutter and display the spaciousness of your home to the buyers. The added benefit is that you have already begun your organizing and packing for your new dreams.