Margo Hass Klein

    Margo Hass Klein

    My goal is to get you to recommend me without reservation. In my business, that's the ultimate compliment. To be honest, it isn't easy. It takes a lot of hard work to make you feel comfortable enough to volunteer my name to family and friends. But hard work is what I'm good at.

    I'm not afraid to dive into stacks of dusty tax records, or walk through a property nine or ten times, or meet an inspector at the crack of dawn, or negotiate until the cows come home if it means you get the best offer, the best price, the best home.

    I'm not afraid to listen either. I find out what you're looking for and why, and then I act in your best interest, not mine.

    But hard work isn't all I have to offer. I've been in real estate since 1977. In this business, experience is an extremely valuable asset.

    I know my way around city streets, country roads and government rules and regulations. There's hardly a builder, banker, or inspector I haven't met. And I am a veteran at developing marketing plans that do nothing but get results.

    Most importantly, I understand that buying or selling a home may be the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. I don't treat it lightly. There's a lot of money and emotion involved and you deserve respect from the first time we shake hands to the last.

    I've had three generations of the same family buy homes from me. And I've done business with many of my clients multiple times. Their confidence is appreciated. I hope to have the opportunity to earn yours.

    Margo Hass Klein