Stuck Inside? Take Virtual Hikes!

    Stuck Inside? Take Virtual Hikes!

    Apr 09, 2020

    It’s finally spring—the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and it’s a great time for families to be outside. Unfortunately, in the midst of the current health crisis, some of the usual spots for group outings are off-limits: playgrounds, some parks, picnic shelters, etc. Kids are home from school for the umpteenth day, and many parents are now working from home and struggling to find activities for their children beyond the work that schools have provided. Plus, when everyone is stuck indoors on chilly, rainy days, the quest to find activities that don’t involve spontaneous messes may be few and far between.

    The great news is that there's PLENTY of great content on the Internet, and with so many people at home around the globe, organizations are adding free access to some amazing educational materials.

    For example, without worrying about buying bottled water or lacing up your hiking boots, you can explore:

    Bryce Canyon National Park;

    A snowy Yellowstone National Park:

    Enjoying virtual hiking? Here are pages with links to other trail tours:

    Of course, actual fresh air and exercise are vital to good health. Grab a bottle of water and a good pair of sneakers, and hit a trail or park near you—either on foot or on a bike. (You should check to make sure your chosen park is open; some places have closed because of COVID-19.) But for those shivery drizzly days? Click on a virtual hike and enjoy amazing views from the comfort of your own couch.