Communicating With Global Clients

    Communicating With Global Clients

    Feb 15, 2019

    Real Estate Is Global

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    If you have a buyer who is out of the country, leveraging tech tools like video conferencing, screen sharing, and more will be vital to communicate, go over questions, hold meetings and even do a tour of a property.

    All-in-One Communication Tools – Allow you to communicate with someone for free (or in some cases very inexpensively) anywhere on the planet via phone, text, chat &/or video calls with individuals or groups.

    Communicate only with users of these extremely popular messaging tools

    Messaging Apps Popular in Certain Parts of the World

    Most Popular Messaging App by Country in 2018

    2nd Most Popular Messaging App by Country in 2018

    Screen Sharing Tools – often when you are working with someone from outside the country you are left with no other option but to try and communicate with them over the phone or thru a computer screen. And when its on a computer, it can often be hard to explain or walk them through things such as how to use a website or online tool. Well that’s where screen sharing comes into play as you can show them what is on your screen (or they can show you what’s on theirs) and now you can hopefully be on the same page in assisting them.

    Note: Some of the all-in-one tools like Google Hangouts & Skype offer screen sharing ability as long as the other person uses that program.

    Virtual Property Showing Tools – What if one of your international clients’ hasn’t made the leap across the pond yet to the states, but they contact you all excited about a property they found online? Well that’s where you can do a virtual showing of that property for them. There are many options for doing this including recording a video and then sending/sharing it with them or going to the property and doing a a video call (using either your smart phone’s video calling app or any of the all-in-one tools provided above) or even live streaming it to social media (and chose to share it to Only Specific People). But in this section we will provide some additional tools you can use to make that virtual showing even better.

    Let me know how you prefer to communicate globally with clients.

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    CREDIT - Craig Grant is president of EasyRealtySites and The Real Estate Technology Institute, two companies whose goal is to elevate the real estate industry through technology