Get the most out of spare rooms

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 March 5, 2012

A common snag many first-time homeowners run into is trying to decide how to utilize a spare room. Trying to make a big room appear smaller is not a typical problem that garners a great deal of attention, but when a new home buyer is making preparations for a spare room, this can be a common issue.

But more importantly, other problems may arise that could interfere with an owner's plans for the space, and finding the most effective way to circumvent them can help adults avoid potentially costly repairs and damages.

Make sure the room is equipped for your needs

Homeowners who plan to use a spare room for a specific purpose should make sure the space can accommodate their goals. For example, adults who plan to create an exercise room or a home theater space for the family may have to call an electrician to ensure the wiring is sufficient to handle the equipment, according to

"Whether it's a study, office or game room, we're seeing some pretty elaborate electronic installations," certified remodeler Mike Weiss told

Wiring that is not designed to handle high-energy outputs could short out and lead to more dangerous issues down the road. The same is true for renovations to a room that involve moving a wall or carving out additional space. Experts advise homeowners to contact professionals before deciding on any significant changes to ensure it won't affect the structure of the home.

Do your changes fall within your budget?

Another common problem new homeowners run into is the cost it may take to install certain features and work around problems with wiring and renovating certain spaces. For this reason, new homeowners should make sure they contact several professionals to compare prices and services, ensure they are paying for the best quality and find out if their changes fall in line with their neighborhood's building codes, if necessary.
Although the price of a project can play a large role in  a homeowner's decision, adults should avoid the urge to hire a professional based solely on the low cost the company is offering. When it comes to making alterations to a home, it's important to not cut corners, which may result in potential safety issues down the road.