Get the Most Out of a Small Living Space

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 After the home buying process is over and homeowners have moved in all their furniture, some may think that their new living space is too small to hold all their belongings. This can be frustrating for individuals who are accustomed to larger accommodations, but the truth is there are several ways to get more out of a small living space without sacrificing anything.

 Reevaluate the colors and flooring

 Believe it or not, the color of a room and the type of flooring it features makes a significant difference in how spacious an area feels. Dark colors tend to make rooms feel more enclosed and small, and lush carpeting has a similar effect. New homeowners should consider repainting their homes brighter and more neutral colors, such as creams, nudes, yellows and even light blues or purples to make it appear more open. In addition, putting down hardwood floors can make a room gleam and appear brighter and spacious.

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