Detroit neighborhoods: Corktown and Rosedale

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December 5, 2011

Famous for its role in the U.S. auto industry and other traits, Detroit has been and remains important to the nation as a whole and the Midwest region in particular. It may draw prospective residents for various reasons, but whether living in the city or planning to, potential home buyers may wish to examine a number of neighborhoods to determine which would be right for them.

Near the river and the Downtown area residents can find the Eastern Market district, an area which may host as many as 40,000 people on Saturdays as independent vendors and merchants sell food. It serves as a hub of activity at those times. The nearby Midtown area, on the other hand, is a center of culture and education, boasting theaters, museums, galleries and a symphony.

Living near these areas will provide ready, quick access to many of the city's cultural attractions, so they may be right for residents planning to immerse themselves in their new home. For those who wish to have more space, a neighborhood further from the center of the city might be preferable, encouraging a slower pace.


One of Detroit's many historic neighborhoods, Corktown is located near the Detroit River and the Downtown area. According to the nonprofit group Cityscape Detroit, Corktown is the city's oldest neighborhood and a National historic district as well as a local one. It has many old Victorian-style homes, as well as some newer construction.

The area has a number of more recently developed condominiums and other homes, including market rate properties and rehabilitated homes. According to the Experience Detroit guide, this neighborhood is a center of Irish history and culture in the city and also includes a number of detached homes and row houses.

Rosedale Park and North Rosedale

The Rosedale Park and North Rosedale neighborhoods contain many homes built in the 1920s and 1930s and have been professional neighborhoods for some time. Located further away from Downtown and the river on the west side of the city, Rosedale is another of the city's historical neighborhoods, although it is younger than 

North Rosedale Park hosts various activities year-round, including art shows and concerts, which are easily accessible to those living nearby. The neighborhood is unique in the city as the only one with a privately owned 4-acre park.