BlueScape Search

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      Ever want something more and different from a real estate search? The new BlueScape search from Coldwell Banker allows you to go above and beyond the typical bedroom/bathroom parameters. The BlueScape search is the real estate industry's first visual based search that factors in how you react to a set of images. Based off of the images that you like and don't like, you'll be served a set of listings that match your mood and likes. Although most would love that beach house in Cancun, you can refine your BlueScape search results by geography if you'd like to see more local listings that fit your preferences.

Rate the images that come up (the more you rate, the more precise a result set you'll see). Hit "Get Results" when you're ready!

Now that you've hit "Get Results", you'll be presented with listings that match your mood based off of the images that you've given the thumbs up or down to. You can refine your result set by price, geography and radius or you can choose to start a new BlueScape search.

It's that easy. Connect with dream properties located thousands of miles away or just a few blocks down the road. BlueScape search is a fun way to interact with real estate