Details to include in your home listing

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Individuals who are selling a home typically place a great deal of emphasis on the home listing. The details included are instrumental in attracting potential buyers and afford owners the opportunity to paint their home in the best possible light. However, there are a few details that can be the deciding factor in a ho-hum listing or one that makes buyers excited about contacting a real estate agent.

Include details that are not apparent from photos

There may be several features, amenities and benefits of a home that sellers cannot include in pictures. In many cases, these details get left out altogether and buyers don’t know about them unless they decide to come to a showing. It's easy to take pictures of the best parts of a home and include these details in the listing as well. However, adding information that is apparent from the pictures may not be the most efficient use of space in a listing, according to MSN Real Estate. Instead, homeowners can optimize the space they are given by taking pictures of the most appealing areas of their home and including details of other areas in the actual text. For example, if the property has several fruit trees, a private driveway or easy access to downtown amenities, these should be included in the listing.

Choose your words wisely

A big turn-off for buyers may be a home description that uses several adjectives, but does not truly describe the home. Most owners want to paint their home in a good light by using descriptive terms, but overkill can quickly make homebuyers skeptical. Instead, use descriptive words, such as "beautiful," and focus on painting a picture for buyers. Certain terms, such as "spacious" are relative. Instead, try to describe the floor plan to give more insight, MSN Real Estate explains.

This is especially true when it comes to highlighting amenities that are coveted by home seekers. For example, rather than explaining that the kitchen was recently renovated, detail the new granite countertops, Kohler fixtures or bamboo floor that was recently put in. This can give buyers a more accurate picture of what they will be walking into when they arrive at the showing.

Make the emotional connection

The true value of a home is the memories and emotional tie that a homeowner develops over time. While it is important to give an accurate description of the home in terms of square footage and number of rooms, it is also important to showcase the personality of the home. A pool with a backyard may take upkeep, but think about all the great backyard parties it will be surrounded by!