Tiny changes can go a long way when selling your home

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February 8, 2012

Selling a home can seem like a tedious task and it's common for homeowners to feel discouraged if their home doesn't sell right away. But the truth is, image is everything and making small changes to spruce up a property can make a home much more appealing to the general public.

After a home has been inspected, scrubbed down and ready to go on the market, consider a few helpful tips that may make the home more attractive.

Clean up the outside

First impressions can be the difference between a successful open house and limited buyer attention. Clean up and landscape the outside. Plant a colorful flower bed. Replace old house numbers with new, shiny placards. Removing clutter and presenting a neat, clean outside can make the home seem more inviting to potential buyers, according to MainStreet.com. Homeowners who have the budget may also go above and beyond by installing a new door or painting the current one to 
add a splash of color and appeal to the home.

Replace old appliances and freshen features

When buyers walk into a home, they may immediately try to see themselves living in that space. When a house has old cabinets, counters and tiles, it can make the space seem more outdated than it really is. Although purchasing new fixtures and tiles can be an investment, it may be one worth making in order to attract more potential buyers. In addition, removing old appliances or storing them below in cabinets can also make rooms, such as kitchens and dining areas, appear more fresh-faced and modern.

A coat of paint can also go a long way in livening up a home or a particular room, and the right color can make certain smaller rooms appear more spacious and inviting. Most real estate agents agree that neutral and light or bright colors can make a room stand out while still giving it a fresh and clean appearance.

De-clutter the house

Over the years, homeowners accumulate new furniture, pictures, keepsakes and family heirlooms. And while these treasures make existing homeowners feel comfortable, they can make a home appear smaller and cluttered. For this reason, sellers should consider boxing up items they do not currently use and adding more space to their living area. A few accent pieces can be sufficient in making the place feel homey without infringing on the living space.