Good home pictures may attract potential buyers

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March 16, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words and the photos an owner takes of his or her home can be the key in attracting a large number of prospective buyers. Some buyers judge properties by pictures alone and others may hesitate to even attend an open house at a home that has no pictures listed, often assuming that there is something wrong with it. For these reasons, homeowners have a great opportunity to entice individuals looking to buy a home to attend their open houses.

However, posting any old picture of a house on the real estate listing may not have the intended effects homeowners want, so it's important to be selective and follow a few simple rules to make sure the images paint a property in the most positive light, according to MSN Real Estate.

Give buyers options

When it comes to showing off a home, more is better, and buyers may want to see images of every room in the house. Similar to a home staging event, owners should de-clutter each room and make improvements or upgrades before taking pictures. 

Cleaning and removing personal items can make a room appear larger and more modern. In addition to taking images of each room - including bedrooms, basements, kitchens, bathrooms and bonus rooms - owners should also include pictures of the exterior of the home. Curb appeal is another factor that may lure more buyers into the fold, so removing toys or yard items, planting flowers and pressure washing the outside of the home can make the house look more picturesque.

Most real estate agents also agree that homeowners living in scenic areas with a view should include these images as well.

Don't skimp on quality

Images that look unprofessional may turn buyers off, so avoid taking photos with a cellphone, disposable camera or other amateur lens. In some cases, real estate companies may staff their own photographers to take images of a home, so buyers should ask their agent what types of services their agency provides.

Homeowners with their own high resolution cameras can take pictures on their own, and edit out unnecessary features, such ceilings or door frames. In addition, owners can adjust the lighting or resolution of a frame to give buyers a more realistic view of what a room looks like.