Make your home safe and healthy

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A home is a person’s safe haven and an extension of themselves. After buying a home, it's important that new owners implement safety measures to keep their homes safe from potential problems, ranging from poor air quality and mold to insects and contamination.

There are several ways new owners can keep their homes healthy and provide a safe living environment for their families.

Keep it organized

An unorganized home can lead to problems that could have been prevented. So when buyers are unpacking their belongings, it's important to arrange and store things properly to keep toxic substances at bay and medical supplies at hand. The first step owners should take is labeling and tracking everything including medical supply kits, pesticides, cleaning products and toxic materials, according to HGTV. In addition, owners should set aside an area for fire-related tools, such as lighters, matches and combustibles that are far away from toxic and flammable materials.

Conduct a safety audit each season

Catching problems quickly can not only save homeowners money on repairs, but also protect their health and well-being. Patching up holes and cracks in the roof and siding of the house can prevent water from leaking in and causing water damage to walls. Over time, this type of water damage can lead to mold or mildew and invite bacteria or insects, so it's important to address any property damage quickly to avoid these types of problems. The same is true for poor gutter drainage, which can cause rainwater or snow to leak into basements and cause flooding.

In addition, homeowners should make sure their home is properly ventilated. A home that has sufficient exhaust fans and ventilation systems in moisture-rich areas, such as kitchens and baths can help ensure the air is circulating properly. This can filter stale or stuffy air out of the home and protect owners from harmful indoor air issues, such as chemicals or biological contaminants, HGTV explains.

Clean safe and non-toxic products

Keeping a home clean can make a property unappealing to dust mites, insects and rodents, but using potentially toxic cleaning supplies can lead to other types of health problems. Many homeowners make their own cleaning products or check labels of store-bought items to make sure they are sterile and safe. In addition, it's important to clean out areas that are hiding places for dust, such as ceiling fans, air vents and heating and cooling ducts.