Get creative with your bonus rooms

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 Homeowners with additional rooms may have several ideas about what to do with these extra spaces. On the one hand, individuals want to maximize their use of the room. On the other, rooms that are not considered functional or multi-purpose spaces can have a negative effect if consumers ever consider putting up their homes for sale. There are several ways to strike a balance between the two, and create personalized spaces that never go out of style.

Create an office library
A home office is a feature that is often appealing to professionals of all career levels. In addition, offices can come in handy for high school and college students. Combining an office with a library is another way to make the room more functional, save space throughout the house and appeal to potential buyers if current owners decide to sell, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Because of the different types and sizes of bookshelves, owners also have several options when it comes to the layout of their office spaces. For example, using high bookshelves as partitions can separate parts of the room and help block off the office portion from the lounge area of the library.
Turn attics into bedrooms
An attic can make a great multipurpose space due to its large size and interesting design. Attics can make good master bedrooms, guest rooms or children's rooms, depending on the homeowner's preference. While homeowners may have to navigate around some zoning requirements, these stipulations are typically easier to accomplish rather than building on an addition to the house, according to House Logic. Consumers will need to make sure the electrical wiring, HVAC and plumbing systems are up to code, and also hire a contractor to ensure building support structures can accommodate any changes. Lastly, most building codes require that attic bedrooms have a standard staircase, rather than a ladder.
Make the most out of a finished basement
Finished basements can be used for a variety of purposes, including a space to entertain guests, a playroom for children, an additional bedroom for adult children or aging parents and a "man space." Finishing a basement is also one of the easier and affordable home improvement tasks homeowners can take on. Basements are also typically larger than other rooms in the home, so homeowners have more leeway when it comes to paint color options, carpeting and oversized furniture that won't make the space appear too small.