How to Clean Out a House

How to Clean Out a House

Salvation Army Family Store in Hempstead on Front Street
194 Front Street
HEMPSTEAD, NY 11550        
Tel: (516) 481-7600    
They have a drive up in the parking lot where you can drop off clothing as well as items such as contents of a kitchen, lamps, small appliances, toys etc.  In the small parking lot when you pull in to the back of it the large openings in the wall are for clothing - pack the clothing in bags such as leaf bags and push the bags through the openings in the wall.  To the left of the openings in the wall are containers into which you put the items you brought for donation - pack them in boxes or bags if they are small or if they are small appliances just set them up as is next to the bins.  There should always be a civilian who works for the Salvation Army milling around who can answer questions.

Salvation Army will also come to the house to pick up furniture items and larger appliances. Salvation Army is very picky - the items they pick up must be in good enough condition that they can sell them. They reserve the right to come to your house, look at your items and refuse to take them if they think they can't sell them.  When you call the number above tell them you want to arrange for a furniture donation pick up. They will ask you to list the items they are to pick up.  Be VERY clear on this list what they are to take.  Once you give them the list and you want to add items you must call them back to add items to your list.  The driver will only take away what is on the list and nothing more.

Town Of Hempstead (TOH) Sanitation Dept
Department of Sanitation
Administrative Office
1600 Merrick Road
Merrick, NY 11566

Household Garbage & Recycling Collection: (516) 378-4210
S.T.O.P. & E-Cycling Program Information & Sanitation Inspectors: (516) 378-2200
Bulk Collection & Special Pick-Up Appointments: (516) 378-8484

Packing the contents of the house that are to be thrown away and placing them on the curb. I used the large construction garbage bags and would have ten to twelve of them on the curb for each pick up.  Any books, magazines, encyclopedias etc need to be bound up with twine into bundles or I also used the white plastic bags from the grocery store to put them in manageable lots to get them to the curb.  If you have A LOT of paper products such as magazines, soft back and hard back books that are being disposed of consider turning them in consider paper recycyling for money versus setting them out for the trash collector.  See "Document Destruction" below.  Calling the TOH Sanitation Dept is alway a good thing to learn more.  You can schedule a bulk pickup if you have a collection of items for them to take such as furniture, appliance, lawn mowers, TV sets etc.  For Hazardous Waste items  such as paints, chemicals, household cleansers etc the STOP program is your only option - STOP is a once a month location that moves around the county for you to bring your haz matls to the drop off place.  Go to the TOH Sanitation website to learn more about the STOP program.

TOH Merrick Transfer Yard and Public Access Disposal Location
1600 Merrick Road
Merrick NY 11566
(516) 378-4210

Items that can be disposed of at 1600 Merrick Road include appliances, batteries, tires and other homeowner refuse (bring proof of residency).   If you have items you want gone right now and don't want to wait for garbage pick up you can put it in the car and take it to this yard and throw it out your self.  Bring Proof Of Residency is a serious requirement.  Your driver's license is proof of residency.  If you do not live in the TOH but the house you are emptying out is then you must bring the recent tax bill for the address of the house you are cleaning out and be prepared to tell a short version of your story as to why you are at this yard to throw stuff out.

3550 Hampton Road
Oceanside NY 11572
(516) 678-7865

Document Destruction and Paper Recycling
When you find canceled checks that have original signatures on them and bank account numbers, old tax returns with SSN#'s, old paychecks with SSN#'s - you want these documents destroyed. An at home shred machine may not be able to keep up with the volume.  Call this company for the 411 on what they will do.  I used them to shred these documents for a price of about $18 per large leaf bag of paper.  Also I brought it to them and they shredded the documents in my presence.  They will provide at home pick-up service. Call them and tell them what you have that you need destroyed.

The folks who operate this facility on Hampton also have a separate company that does paper recycling - call the number above and ask about the paper recycling program and their prices.  I found out about this service AFTER I threw all kinds of paper back books, magazines and encyclopedias.

Scrap Metal Recycling
LJS Scrap Metal Inc
3425 Hampton Road
Oceanside NY 11572
(516) 285-5400

Nassau Scrap Processors
3467 Hampton Road
Oceanside NY 11572
(516) 594-9021

Scrap metal covers so many things - old appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, lawn mowers etc.  Aluminun windows, doors and patio furniture to soda cans or other aluminum containers or items.  Old nails and many other items of metal - steel, brass, bronze, copper etc.  If you have a collection of scrap metal call either of the companies above and learn what they will take and what they won't.  You need to bring it to them so you need a vehicle that will hold it and you need to muscle it into your vehicle and out of it. The metals need to be grouped by type.  Most often you drive your car onto a scale for the first measure. You unload one type of the metal and the car is re-weighed so they can price the weight of what you took off. Then you off load the next type of metal, re-weigh and so on.  If you have small quantities of a type of metal then bring it in boxes so the boxes can be weighed on smaller scales then the ones the cars fit on.  CALL before you go so you know all you need to know.  When newbies drive into these yards they are not always gentle with the learners.  Call ahead, even take a scouting trip to the location to find out how it works before you show up with a car full of metal.

Habitat for Humanity Nassau County
1421 Northern Blvd
Manhasset NY 11030
(516) 627 6047

Tools? Ladders? Appliances? Unused parts for anything that might go into a house construction? Contact them , describe what you have and they will come over, look it over and take it away for you.

Dave McKean - Dave McKean <> (516) 476-7177

Dave is connected with Habitat for Humanity and many other charitable agencies on LI.  He is very dedicated to helping others.  He has a very large vehicle that holds ALOT.  He has  one charity that wants beds, bed frames, dressers and bed linens.  He has another agency that wants kitchen items plates, cutlery, utensils, pots, pans.   He was a gift to me - he helped me in so many ways to empty out a house. Please be prepared to help him move the items out of your house into his vehicle. He has a day job so his schedule will open up on a moments notice or he will come by after 5 pm or only on the weekends.

Vases and baskets - consider taking these to a flower store and donate them

Packaging Popcorn - collect it all in a bag and take it to a pack and ship store and donate it

Art and Craft Supplies – At the Michael’s in Oceanside there is a woman who is in charge of their craft classes. She is also an Art Director who works with the Parks and Rec programs of many towns in the surrounding area. She will gladly accept any donations of art and craft supplies that are still usable. Her name is Lisa Cangemi. She does not work at the Oceanside Michael’s on a regular schedule as she teaches the craft classes at several Michaels. Call her at (516) 633-6036. You can also try her email address

Written by an Oceanside native who recently went through this experience in 2011.

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